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8 Best Premium Ad Exchanges & AdSense Alternatives 2023

By identifying your target market and utilizing ad exchanges, you may effortlessly propel your businesses to new heights.

Premium ad exchanges are a marketplace where marketers and publishers can advertise and publish via multiple advertising platforms, predominantly through real-time bidding.

Examine your business variation and advertising objectives, and utilize the ad exchanges that align with your business and objectives.

Numerous publishers generate exceptional ad impressions selected by advertisers who believe that particular impression to be a good match for all their attributes.

These characteristics may include the location of the firm, the target audience, etc. Moreover, the winning bidder is the one with the highest bid.

List of the Best Premium Ad Exchanges

1. DoubleClick (Now Google Marketing Platform)

doubleclick premium ad exchanges

Doubleclick is one of the world’s most effective ad exchanges. The company aims to provide the most efficient digital marketplace for publishers, buyers, advertising agencies, and demand-side platforms to exchange inventory. 

It is a marketplace for publishers and marketers. The publishers list their inventory for a minimal CPM, and the advertisers bid on it. 

It is an excellent platform for matching demand and supply in the ad economy. DoubleClick Ad Exchange is far more extensive than AdSense. Its advertiser network consists of AdSense advertisers (AdWords) and several ad networks and agencies.

2. Smaato

smaato digital platform

Billions of ad formats on this global RTB platform have resolved all concerns that could arise during brand promotion.

It provides dependable analytics, has simple integration, and optimizes revenue. Smaato’s digital advertising technology platform is an omnichannel, self-service monetization solution and free ad server. 

Smaato provides publishers with unrivaled controls to simplify monetization. Publishers can provide their data and manage their entire inventory in a single location. Marketers access the highest-quality inventory to reach global audiences on any device.

3. AppNexus

appnexus xandr

It is a self-serving ad exchange that puts the string in the hands of its users, allowing them to differentiate, analyze, and re-examine their business.

AppNexus has gained a prominent reputation in the United States, offering excellent potential for individuals seeking to monetize through an ad exchange.

Appnexus is an excellent DSP because it offers a variety of file types. Most DSPs are limited to mobile or desktop targeting. However, Appnexus has a CTV inventory, which is highly beneficial to our clients. 

Several years of use have yielded excellent results for brand-based initiatives. The Marketing department mainly utilizes it.

4. Magnite

magnite sell side ad platform

Magnite brings together several customers and sellers on a sophisticated advertising platform where they all have the best opportunities to generate outstanding profits.

They utilize over 5000 algorithms but are limited to fewer than 5 million page visits per month. Magnite is the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, combining the programmatic skills of Rubicon Project with Telaria’s experience in CTV. 

It provides a global advertising exchange system linking sellers and buyers worldwide. Magnite’s ad server allows sellers (publishers) to connect with premium buyers, exhibit their inventory in a dedicated storefront, reply to buyers’ RFPs, and more. 

Additionally, sellers (advertisers) can reach their targeted audience from across a broad spectrum throughout the globe.

5. Mopub (Acquired by Applovin)

mopub app lovin

It is no surprise that Mopub is the largest ad exchange marketplace. The company offers access to more than 10,000 applications, making it the largest RTB platform in the world.

Twitter purchased Mopub, one of the first independently used mobile mediation platforms, in 2014 to comprehend real-time customer purchasing patterns. 

The mediation network enables in-app header bidding and functions as a DSP for advertisers. It is a prominent programmatic exchange that integrates with more than 160 mobile ad networks and DSPs to assist app developers in maximizing every impression.

A benefit of Mopub is that it does not impose any traffic coverage limits on small companies.

6. Smartyads

smartyads homepage

SmartyAds is a global CPM advertising network that serves advertisements. It is an award-winning, leading omnichannel advertising technology platform that manages advertising campaigns in real-time, inventory ordering, and return on investment generation across all screens and platforms.

SmartyAds SSP allows app developers and web publishers to increase their advertising revenue. 

The ad tech platform provides users with the tools for effective inventory allocation and monetization management.

SmartyAds DSP integrates programmatic advertising strategies with direct-media buying on the platform to assure cross-channel message delivery, media buying workflow, and protection against impression fraud.

7. Vserv

vserv mobile advertising

In 2014, Vserv, which has a foothold in India and Southeast Asia, developed a marketplace now chosen by world-class advertisers.

Its legitimate data, managed services, and innovative solutions have acquired over 500 million users. Based on transactional behavior, user persona, places of interest, store visits, app usage, and content consumption behavior, Vserv Authentic Audience Data allows brands to reach their most likely buyers across 200+ audience segments.

8. OpenX

openx publishers advertisers

This business provides an integrated technology platform that links ad servers to RTB exchange platforms. OpenX develops high-quality programmatic advertising markets that generate greater monetization for publishers and the most value for brands. 

As a monetization partner for more than 1,200 publishers worldwide, OpenX has the most comprehensive understanding of publishers’ needs and trends. Their comprehensive worldwide IT infrastructure offers complete dependability for all advertising formats in all digital settings.

CPM rates tend to increase, with the lowest rate for partnership being $1.The company only allows access to those who initially have sufficient traffic. It is beneficial for both companies and small to medium-sized organizations.

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What are premium ad exchanges?

Premium ad exchanges are marketplaces where publishers offer their ad space for sale. Advertisers then bid for publishers ad space. The buying and selling takes place in real-time.

How does an ad exchange work?

Ad exchanges involve Supply-side platforms and Demand-side platforms. SSPs are for publishers and DSPs are for advertisers. An Ad Exchange works as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers allowing them to buy & sell with RTB.


You should now know better about Ad Exchanges and their function in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. MarketWatch study reveals the global Programmatic Display market is valued at 180 billion USD and is predicted to reach 244.1 billion USD by the end of 2023, increasing at a CAGR rate of 19.3 percent by 2023.

As a publisher, the most straightforward approach to take advantage of ad exchanges is to work with the premium players and supplement that with your private partnerships.

This way, you can consistently develop your strategy to make Google Ad Exchange compete in your auctions with the likes of OpenX, AppNexus, and Verizon Media to bring higher RPMs for your site.

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