ProxyEmpire Review – Best Proxy Provider of 2023 πŸ†

Looking for a proxy provider can be overwhelming. There are so many options; how do you know which one is right for you? 

It can be tough to figure out which proxy provider best fits your needs. You want a provider that is reliable and has a good track record, but you also don’t want to break the bank. 

So here I am with the ProxyEmpire review to save your time on researching for the best proxies.

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ProxyEmpire (Introduction)

  • ProxyEmpire is the perfect solution for you. They offer private and shared proxies and a wide range of packages to suit your needs.
  • Their proxies are fast, reliable, and affordable. Plus, their customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Let us check out ProxyEmpire in detail.
  • The support team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions in time.
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ProxyEmpire Residential Proxies

Start using ProxyEmpire Residential Proxies with no restrictions. 3GB Data at just $45/month.

What is ProxyEmpire?

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ProxyEmpire is a company that was founded two years ago when the epidemic prompted people to spend more time at home. Even though many individuals are used to picking solutions with a proven track record, this proxy service piqued a few’s curiosity, including mine. It is no secret that the company is relatively new, yet the team’s description in the about us section claims they have substantial experience with proxies.

Having a considerable understanding of proxy usage, they decided to launch their firm. Respectable service that delivers more than three million IP addresses from more than 150 countries. You will have access to an excellent variety of proxy pools and locations, and because the most “popular” countries are covered, you should have no issues. ProxyEmpire offers both residential and mobile proxies, which is an excellent option. There are several pricing packages for each kind of proxies, so there is also a great deal of variety.

Reasons to Use ProxyEmpire

Find Fraudulent Ad Placements

Ad networks often combine excellent traffic/clicks with trash adware traffic to deceive advertisers. The advertiser won’t know. Given that your advertising is on hundreds or thousands of sites, it might be difficult to assess an ad network’s integrity in providing traffic that boosts your bottom line.

ProxyEmpire was built to eliminate ad fraud by amassing millions of nodes across 150+ countries. Actual residential ISPs and cell carriers provide their proxies. ProxyEmpire’s network is customizable. You may specify a location, ISP, or carrier for ad verification. To spot fraudulent ad placement, you need to configure residential or mobile proxies in an automation software that visits the site in the target country and verifies that the ads are actually placed properly.

Intellectual Property Theft

Patents and trademarks aren’t respected in undeveloped countries. Ideas are just a company’s asset if they’re safeguarded and used exclusively. Most of this lousy conduct is worldwide and beyond corporate grasp. Small networks can’t handle intellectual property.

Brand protection agencies and legal teams use ProxyEmpires’ 150-country, six-continent network to detect intellectual property theft. ProxyEmpire’s organic network can check all platforms for IP theft, bolstering their legal case.

Overhead Vs. Profit Projections

The core of every store is to create cheaply and sell for more, but that simplicity evolves into a competition to predict production costs vs. inflation rates. A store that doesn’t recognize market data trends may lose competitiveness or ROI.

With ProxyEmpire, a store may collect enough data to identify cost-versus-profit patterns. Stores may monitor inflation and deflation locally to make accurate worldwide estimates and remain competitive on a bigger scale.

Localized Product Targeting

Instagram scraping is local. Wide-ranging data acquisition causes lost opportunities and information overload. You can’t pick the right product for a state without regional targeting. ProxyEmpire’s residential Instagram proxies may target over 150 nations and localities. This allows vendors to pick the best items for their target market and collect reliable data.

Influencer marketers that use geotargeted data convert better. It helps customers avoid spending time and money on the wrong influencers.

Fraud Alert Systems

Big companies use fraud alarm systems to identify data center proxies, even when sneaker buyers want to buy honestly. The footwear company will examine the IP address at checkout if a proxy isn’t banned. Adidas bans whole subnets from datacenters, thereby shutting down hundreds of proxies.

ProxyEmpire’s clients use residential and mobile proxies from actual individuals. Each proxy is a reliable ISP or cell carrier’s IP address. A customer may search for limited-edition shoes without being detected with real IP addresses at checkout. It enables a smooth procedure for growing a firm.

Localized Data Procurement

With ProxyEmpire, you will have access to target places that provide the data they need for their business model since they cover over 150 nations and can target dozens of municipal districts inside each.

You may modify your proxies’ natural source and ISP with a few clicks. The solution eliminates all risks associated with data mining and gathers local facts that help you succeed.

Never Get Blocked Again By Hotel Sites for Price Aggregation

Hotel and airline firms have stringent standards for shutting off bot-related scraping, and their automated software can identify unnatural datacenter proxies. This prevents travel agencies from obtaining customer data. Abused datacenter networks make it impossible to collect real-time prices from the source. Hence correct pricing is impossible. The originating site may dox server IP addresses and ban an entire network.

When customers use Proxy Empire, they acquire data from genuine consumers worldwide. Each IP address works as a website visitor, and each platform’s rotation time may change. Their sticky proxies may cycle from 1 to 60 minutes. Clients may request a bespoke rotation in minutes. That’s untraceable data acquisition.

You may filter stock market data by nation, region, and city using ProxyEmpire’s dashboard. Localized data helps clients follow firms they invest in and better understand market trends.

Localized data from over 150 nations and 1000 concurrent connections provide investors a wide network to grasp micro and macro tactics.

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ProxyEmpire Residential Proxies

Start using ProxyEmpire Residential Proxies with no restrictions. 3GB Data at just $45/month.

5 Best Features of ProxyEmpire

Targeting Options

Best features of Proxyempire

ProxyEmpire offers its clients several targeting options. These options will help users find detailed information.

Four targeting options are available: country targeting, region/state targeting, city targeting, and ISP/mobile carrier targeting. These targeting options are available for ProxyEmpire’s residential and mobile proxies.

Automatic Proxy Rotation

Automatic Proxy Rotation in ProxyEmpire with No Limits

For non-technical users, manually changing proxy settings or maintaining a proxy list to circumvent IP limitations is laborious.

ProxyEmpire offers automatic IP rotation, so when a port is used for a lengthy period or requires quick rotation, its IP address is cycled automatically.

ProxyEmpire offers servers in over 150 global locations, enabling clients to access the service wherever and engage in whatever online activity they like.


Proxyempire gives you anonymity on internet

ProxyEmpire’s residential proxies improve online anonymity and data security for users. With these proxies, users may be sure that neither their IP address nor physical location will be disclosed.

Data Rollover

Only Proxy that offers data-rollover

ProxyEmpire provides unlimited data rollover for unused and purchased data. In addition, no client would incur extra fees or lose any of the proxy bandwidth they have paid.

Live Technical Support

If users have problems using ProxyEmpire, they may consult the knowledge base. The team has tried to cover every element of proxies in this area.

In addition, if customers cannot find answers here, the team offers live technical assistance. Users may communicate with their account manager or support team member through live chat or email.

ProxyEmpire Pricing & How To Use Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of ProxyEmpire and click on β€˜VIEW PRICING.’

View pricing of proxyempire

Step – 2: Here are the ProxyEmpire pricing plans. Click on β€˜CHOOSE PLAN’ below the plan of your choice. 

Detailed pricing plans of Proxyempire residential proxies
Mobile proxy pricing at Proxyempire

Step – 3: Fill up the details, check the boxes, and click on β€˜Register’. Login to your account. 

Signup Page of ProxyEmpire

Let us now check out ProxyEmpire’s dashboard. 

ProxyEmpire Proxy Locations

You can manage your proxies from here. 

Create Proxies in ProxyEmpire

You can explore a lot more in ProxyEmpire. 

ProxyEmpire Pros and Cons


  • Wide location coverage
  • Huge IP pool size
  • Great proxy speed
  • Great geo-targeting options
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Integrate with multiple third-party tools as well
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Bigger Plans


  • No free trial (Although you can try ProxyEmpire atΒ  $1.97)

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Looking at ProxyEmpire as a whole, I can say that it is a proxy service that should be sufficient for most individuals’ needs. Even with various restrictions, I do not advise ignoring this vendor. ProxyEmpire’s provision of three million proxies may be detrimental to the firm.

The figure is not the lowest I’ve seen, so there should be no problem. These IP addresses are a mixture of residential and mobile proxies from over 150 countries, so diversity is not an issue.

Each proxy type is available in six packages, suggesting that the service provider should be able to support both light and commercial use.

In addition, the custom package and the free trial option, which enables you to test the proxies for free, are lovely additions. Bandwidth rollover is one of the most popular aspects of ProxyEmpire, along with geotargeting and other settings.

The option to transfer unused bandwidth to the next month’s billing cycle is terrific since it assures you will utilize all the bandwidth you paid for.

As an added plus, there are no restrictions on the transfers so anything may be sent without restriction. The affordability, capabilities, and results make it an ideal option for both beginners and enterprise users.

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