PYPROXY Review – Residential & Static Proxies at its Best

PYProxy is the solution you’ve been looking for if you need residential proxies for data scraping, private browsing or just anonymity on the internet. Their IP proxy solutions are fast, reliable, and secure. Plus, their customer service is one of the best in the business. They’re here to help you get what you need when you need it most.

Overall Performance

  • Speed
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Reliability


PYProxy is one of the best and one of the most affordable proxy solutions out in the market, which has a lot of use cases and is highly reliable.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Expiration reminder
  • No proxy blocks
  • Flexible parameter adjustment
  • JSON automatic parsing
  • Reliable and safe connections
  • Huge IP pool size


  • New Brand

What is PYProxy?

PYProxy Review

PYProxy is the top proxy solution on the market, offering millions of IP resources. It is ideal for companies that must retain their online privacy and anonymity when browsing the Internet. PYProxy’s many features make it the ideal proxy option for corporations. 

It provides a significant quantity of IP resources, making it excellent for enterprises that must keep their online privacy and anonymity when browsing the web. The customization possibilities provided by PYProxy enable enterprises to customize the proxy solution to their requirements.

Major Features and Benefits of PYProxy

PYProxy advantages

Custom Service

Support configuring an entire IP proxy plan based on certain conditions. Gigabit bandwidth and expandable features are offered. Customized plans may give traffic utilization data and traffic record tracing.

Multiple Proxy Forms

Multiple proxy generations and authentication techniques provide flexible proxy element configuration. Adding relevant criteria to account authentication, sessions, states, and cities may be identified.

Quality IP Resources

Collect more than 90 million household IPs in PYProxy IP pools. Constantly changing IP addresses have access to geo-restricted material from some global regions. Self-managed data nodes effectively integrate networks.

Super-High Concurrency

Exclusive high-performance server seeks access to genuine home addresses and maintains a regular proxy connection. Unlimited concurrency minimizes company expenses and enhances operational effectiveness.

Safe & Anonymous

Obtain extremely anonymous home IP addresses and have your privacy fully safeguarded. Your actual network environment will never be collected.

Convenient Operation

Provide multiple API parameter setups. Easily and quickly create proxies using the username and password authentication technique.

Unlimited Sessions

There is no restriction on the number of uses or frequency of proxy invocations. You may produce a vast number of proxies simultaneously.

Stable & Efficient

Bandwidth abundance supports business requirements. The real-time speed may reach between 1M and 5 M per second. 99% success rate guarantee data-collecting operations.

Use Cases of PYProxy

use case of pyproxy

Web Scraping & Crawling

The enormous Internet holds data resources as precious as gold. Do you want to be a gold miner in the information age? Use a nugget shovel or an automated nugget machine, often known as web scrapers/crawlers. They can help you extract data automatically, unlock websites with value-added data sources, and make choices based on data.

  • Scrape geo-restricted information
  • Scrape web pages at scale using residential proxies that rotate.
  • Hiding personal data and preventing IP block

Market Research

Market research is the first phase of every firm. Whether establishing a new product or entering a new market, market research is the foundation of a successful company strategy. You may gather and evaluate information by performing market research and then create and execute successful business strategies to reach your company strategy in a step-by-step, systematic, and organized manner.

  • Connection speed is dependent on proxy selection.
  • Access geo-restricted material 
  • Apply proxy into data collection

Social Media Management

Compared to conventional media, social media encourages more engagement due to its superior affinity, creativity, and communication techniques. Due to the rapid evolution of digital technology and information on the Internet, a vast ecosystem has emerged.

  • Collect the most important data.
  • Use proxy to manage several social media accounts
  • Choose the appropriate proxy for your project

Brand Protection

The answer depends on the circumstances surrounding your brand misuse. There may be no brand name on specific items or just one brand in a particular market. However, maintaining the intellectual property and brand reputation is essential for a successful brand operation.

  • Verify advertisements to guarantee the correct display
  • Collect proof of trademark infringement
  • Monitor brand IPR and image

SEO Monitoring

SEO aims to improve the visibility and ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). Many companies find it challenging to remain at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), particularly under the strain of ever-changing user preferences, search engine restrictions, and competitor activities. Consequently, a successful SEO strategy becomes essential.

  • Track the actions of rivals
  • Unlock geo-blocking
  • Avoid IP bans


As a brand-new business model in the Information Age, e-commerce is now widely accepted. With computers and the Internet, e-commerce has unmatched expertise in client acquisition, data collecting, and analytics.

  • Securely and reliably acquire price information from competitors.
  • Accelerate access to geo-restricted data
  • Gain more customers

PYProxy Pricing Plans

Residential Proxies Pricing:

PYProxy pricing plans

Their most affordable plan is $130 per month and includes 50GB of data. You can reduce your per GB traffic cost if your usage increases. 1TB Proxy traffic costs $700 and your cost comes around $0.70/GB.

And with PYProxy’s city/country selection, API access, and account authentication, you may utilize their service precisely as needed.

PYProxy’s support for HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 enables compatibility with all major browsers and OS systems. Why then wait? Sign up today to begin utilizing the most satisfactory residential proxy service.

Static ISP Proxies Pricing:

PYProxy price

PYProxy’s Day Plan is the most cost-effective choice for individuals who want a 100K+ static home IP network. With unlimited bandwidth and sessions for only $1 per IP, this service is ideal for small enterprises and individual users. Weekly plan and monthly plans are even cheaper. It is just $2.5 per IP per week.

The HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 connection is quick and consistent, offering a dependable internet connection. Whether you need to surf the web, stream videos, or download files, Icestone’s Day Plan has you covered. Register now and begin your next project immediately.

IP Amounts Plan Pricing:

PYProxy plans

Their $0.18/IP package is the most cost-effective solution for 200 IP addresses. This package offers all the functionality required to get started, including support for multiple domains and an unlimited number of email accounts.

Plus, it comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can be confident that your website will always be accessible.

How To Use PYProxy?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of PYProxy from here and click on β€˜GET TRIAL PLAN’.


Step – 2: Fill up the details asked for and click on β€˜Sign up’.

PYProxy signup process

Step – 3: That is it. You will be directly taken to the PYProxy dashboard. It is that simple. 

PYProxy signup dashboard


PYProxy is an amazing website to buy residential proxies for your individual and business needs. They have got the latest technology and features to help you integrate their proxy infrastructure with your tech environment.

With extended security, anonymity and price, you get outstanding speed with the PYProxy residential proxies.

Lastly, its fast speed assures that there will be very minimal latency when you actually utilize it with your SaaS or automation bot. PYProxy is a good option for anybody seeking a proxy with the most current capabilities.


What payment methods does PYProxy accept?

They accept payment by WeChat, PayPal, Visa, Credit Card, Paymentwall, and more options. Please contact the account manager for more payment options.

Can I use PYProxy without purchasing a monthly data plan?

Yes, it is possible to forego a monthly payment plan. You may contact a specialized account manager to tailor the package’s data volume and duration to your business’s requirements.

Will I get an invoice? What currency is PYPROXY using?

Yes, they will issue a receipt when each transaction has been properly paid for, and you may claim it on your own; All online pricing is shown in US dollars.



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