Residential Proxy Free Trial Offers – Virtual Card or No Credit Card Required

These days, proxy networks are essential. People don’t realize that there are two types of proxy networks; datacenter proxies and residential proxies.

For businesses, a residential proxy network is the best option. When your IP address traces back to a datacenter, websites can figure out that you are using a proxy network and block you. 

However, residential proxies don’t restrict your access to websites.

Nowadays, businesses cannot survive without residential proxy services, as global businesses rely on these networks. However, if the proxy is terrible, it’s like having no access to the service.

Choosing a residential proxy provider is therefore very important. These are our top 5 recommendations for a residential proxy free trial, and we hope one of them will work for you.

List of Best Residential Proxy Free Trials in 2022

#1. Bright Data: Overview

bright data web data platform

With Bright Data, millions of existing home and mobile IP addresses worldwide can be connected. Bright Data customers may use client IPs for traffic flow for business purposes (with the customer’s consent or knowledge).

Since they are real IP addresses owned by company, target websites are less likely to restrict them, allowing corporations to rapidly and easily access sites worldwide for research. The USP of Bright Data is its collection of P2P residential and smartphone IP addresses.

How to claim a trial offer on Bright data?

Bright Data provides a free 7-day trial to demonstrate its proxy service.

This is a step-by-step guide to help you take advantage of BrightData’s trial offer.

Step#1: Go to their official website.

bright-data step1

Step#2: Request a demo using the “Request a demo” link.

Step#3: Complete the information in the window requesting your name, email, etc.


Step#4: Once you submit, you will receive an email with more details about the free trial.

Key features of the free trial

  • The speed was excellent.
  • The security is second to none.
  • Targeting of ASNs.
  • Proxy network for residential use.
  • The global IP network is one of the largest.

How to cancel a free trial?

The free trial must be canceled once the time limit has been reached by visiting your dashboard. Otherwise, you might end up paying the entire monthly fee. Therefore, it is imperative that you quickly analyze the value of Bright data and decide before the trial period ends.

Pros and Cons of Bright Data


  • Flexible and customizable proxy servers
  • Various Locations
  • Authentication method
  • Customer Support


  • No Unlimited Bandwidth
  • A Bit Expensive

Flexible and customizable proxy servers

Proxy-sale companies like Bright Data are among the best at adapting. It is no secret that despite their website listing only three types of packaging, these data packs are highly customizable and can be shaped into any proxy pack you like. There are many different combinations you can choose from. So, you can select the ideal proxy package for your needs.

Various Locations

Bright Data offers a huge list of locations. Currently, the company offers over 190 locations. There is a datacenter almost everywhere in the world.

Authentication method

With Bright Data, there are two methods of authentication, IP-based and username based. In some sketchy scenarios, where you may lock yourself out and lose access to your account, it’s good to have both authentication methods.

Customer Support

Bright Data provides residential proxy services. Their customer support department is dedicated to answering your questions. The user experience is, therefore, seamless for the customer.


No Unlimited Bandwidth

Proxy servers with unlimited bandwidth are certainly one of the most attractive features. Sadly, Bright Data cannot provide unlimited bandwidth. A fixed amount of bandwidth is free, but you must pay Bright Data if you want more bandwidth.

A Bit Expensive

Bright Data’s proxies are extremely expensive. They aren’t within the budget range of the average user. The Residential Proxies are only available to corporations and are unsuitable for individual use.

#2. Smartproxy: Overview

In the residential proxy industry, Smartproxy is one of the most recognized names. Most of their competitors offer more expensive plans than what they offer. You receive limited bandwidth with each package, but you can access 195 locations with over ten million IPv4 addresses.

Smartproxy has a simple and intuitive interface. If you need help, chat with their specialized 24/7 customer service. You will most likely not need it since the self-service and execution are so simple.

Many users are willing to use a free trial before investing their hard-earned money on a proxy if the service is good and suitable for their purposes. We provide information about intelligent proxy’s free trial if one is available.

How to Claim Free Trial for Smartproxy?

This might not be the best news for you if you hope to get a free trial for Smartproxy. This, however, does not offer a free trial. A 3-day money-back guarantee is available to its users with certain conditions.

Those conditions are:

  • Subscription available.
  • Refund period is still open.
  • In your 3-day money-back period, you shouldn’t have used more than twenty percent of the traffic.

You can claim a refund only once and only for your first order, even if you meet the aforementioned criteria. Thus, you won’t be refunded more than the price you originally paid if you upgraded, renewed, or downgraded your subscription within the 3-day refund window.

The money-back period can be converted to a trial offer by reprogramming it as 3 days. Follow this guide for details. 

Step#1: Go to the company’s website.

smartproxy residential proxy free trial

Step#2: Click on the “Create an account” button

Step#3: Enter your information, including your name, email, etc.

smartproxy step2

Step#4: Confirm your account once you have completed all the details.

Step#5: Select the plan you want and purchase it on the dashboard.

The catch is that they offer a 3-day money-back guarantee, so use it for two or three days before canceling. This is how the 3-day money-back guarantee becomes a trial offer.

However, the trick works within the parameters applicable to the 3-day money-back guarantee. You can find more information on their official website and in this article.

Key features of Free Trial

  • Rotation of IP addresses automatically.
  • Proxies with IPv4 addresses in the millions.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Guaranteed money-back for 3 days.

How to Cancel Smart Proxy free Trial?

If you would like to cancel the Smartproxy free trial, please follow these steps:

  • Step#1: Sign in to your account and go to the Dashboard.
  • Step#2: Choose Subscription Management from the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Step#3: Click the cancel button next to your activated plan.
  • Step#4: Your email account will be notified of the cancellation of your subscription.

Here’s how to cancel your Smartproxy free trial.

Pros and cons of Smartproxy


  • Locations
  • IP control on Proxies
  • Proxy API
  • Economical Proxies
  • Customer Support
  • 3-days Money-Back policy


  • Fixed Bandwidth


The Smartproxy proxy servers can be found in many locations. Up to 195 nations use their services, meaning they have datacenters in nearly every country.

This extensive list of locations worldwide gives customers a greater chance of selecting the best proxy location. When you want an IP address from a specific country, Smartproxy should be your first choice.

IP control on Proxies

For 10 minutes, you can choose whether your IP address changes or remains the same. If you establish a new connection, you can change your IP address.

Proxy API

Smartproxy’s API lets you access your account without visiting their website. Your dashboard contains information about your membership, allows you to manage user accounts, view traffic consumption statistics, and much more.

Economical Proxies

Smartproxy is the most economically viable option for proxies. You can check the Smartproxy price list and compare it with the prices offered by other proxy providers to find that the Smartproxy price is highly competitive.

Customer Support

Smartproxy provides an excellent level of customer support. The company offers live chat support 24/7. Additionally, they are easy to contact via e-mail and reply quickly. The reason it is becoming so popular is that they respond so quickly.

3-days Money-Back policy

Smartproxy, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a trial period for the stated reason of excessive abuse. They will certainly refund you if you request a refund within three days. For more information, please refer to the section of this article titled Free Trial for Smartproxy.


Fixed Bandwidth

Proxy servers can undoubtedly benefit from having unlimited bandwidth. Smartproxy does not offer unlimited bandwidth with its proxy plans. There is a fixed amount of bandwidth, after which you will have to purchase additional bandwidth from Smartproxy.

#3. Oxylabs

Innovative Proxy Service to Gather Data at Scale Oxylabs review

Founded in 2015, Oxylabs is a Lithuanian company that provides proxy services. Provider of proxy services and various specialized technologies for data collection, it is one of the larger organizations in the area.

Oxylabs mainly caters to commercial customers. From a well-maintained website to a list of qualifications on the homepage to a dedicated account manager, this is reflected throughout the company. I know that no proxy company has ever offered insurance with their products.

How to Claim a Trial Offer on Oxylabs?

Oxylabs indeed offers both individual and corporate trial offers. Here are the offers that Oxylabs offers:

For companies

They offer a free trial but getting one is not very easy. In any case, if you are a genuine company, you can try to register. The ownership will be confirmed after registration. To those who have been verified successfully by Oxylabs, they offer a 7-day trial offer.
Make sure you are authorized to sign legal agreements on behalf of your company before you sign with Oxylabs.

For Individuals

They have listed it as a trial offer, but it is not one at all. Individuals who sign up for this get a 3-day money-back guarantee, only if they don’t use 20% of the data. The service agreement should not have been violated. First-time buyers are only eligible for this offer.

How to get Oxylabs’ trial offer?

Here is our step-by-step guide:

Step#1:  Go to the official website.

oxylabs step1

Step#2:  Scroll down to the residential proxy section and click “Register.”

Step#3:  You’ll be redirected to the Registration page as shown below.

oxylabs step2

Step#4: Provide your email address and complete the form.

Step#5: You can buy any plan you wish to test.

When you purchase it, use it for less than 3 days and ensure that the data used is under 20%. Cancel it within 3 days of your desired trial to avoid charges.

Key Features of the trial offer

  • Rotation of IP addresses.
  • Numerous locations.
  • Control of the session.
  • A smooth user interface.

How to cancel a free trial?

Click on the cancel button in the dashboard section of the site to end your free trial. You can email customer support if you wish to end your free trial. To avoid any charges, cancel before the 3-day deadline if you are over the data limit by 20%.

Pros and cons of Oxylabs


  • Steller Customer support
  • Numerous Locations
  • Good Performance with IP Rotation
  • Huge proxy pool
  • Shared datacenter proxies for saving $$$


  • Little Expensive
  • No Dedicated Mobile Proxies

Customer support

Oxylabs’ excellent customer support team will answer your questions. A significant advantage of the company is its world-class customer support.

Numerous Locations

More than 170 countries are covered by Oxylabs worldwide. You can choose an IP address from any of these countries, no matter where you are.

Good Performance with IP Rotation

Oxylabs has never had a problem with performance. As far as speed, bandwidth, and other factors are concerned, they are well known. 

Oxylabs also changes your IP address at every request, ensuring that your target cannot track you down at any time.

Great proxy pool

Oxylabs come with this fantastic benefit, too. Over 100 million proxies from genuine users are offered with an extensive pool of proxies.


Little Expensive

Oxylabs charges $300 for every 20 GB, which is $15 per GB. Since this is costly, many small and even medium-sized businesses can’t afford it. Alternatively, if you sign a long-term agreement with Oxylabs, they offer a little cheaper, but still, the price appears higher in the beginning.

No Dedicated Mobile Proxies

Is it possible today, in the age of smartphones, that there are no mobile proxies? Oxylabs claims that their IPs include mobile IP address ranges, but they do not offer a different option to choose mobile proxies, which is a deal-breaker for some.

#4. Netnut

Netnut was established in 2017 in Israel as a premium proxy provider. It offers residential and datacenter proxy services. Netnut is one of the top providers of residential static proxies. IP addresses obtained from ISPs are just as fast and stable as those obtained from datacenters since they are obtained directly from ISPs rather than end-users.

How to claim a Trial offer on Netnut?

Customers of Netnut can try the service for seven days. You can get the 7-day free trial by following these simple steps.

Step#1: Go to the company’s website.

netnut free trial

Step#2: Click on the “Start Now” link for a free trial of 7 days.

Step#3: Personal information will need to be filled out. Fill it out carefully.

netnut signup

Step#4: After completing the required details, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please click that link for verification.

Step#5: Once you have verified your email address, you can begin using the trial offer and other proxy plans.

netnut step3

Key Features of trial

  • Excellent scraping performance.
  • Control of the session.
  • Proxy pools are mammoth in size.
  • Free trial for 7 days.

How to cancel? 

Congratulations on getting your trial offer. However, make sure you use it wisely for 7 days to see the pros and cons for yourself. The service will take some time to get the best results, so ensure you don’t exceed the trial period.

After that, you may be charged for the whole monthly plan. Once you have confirmed the purchase of this proxy service, go to your dashboard and cancel it manually.

Pros and cons of Netnut


  • True Unlimited Access
  • Network Connection
  • Dual Authentication


  • No Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Missing SOCKS5 Support

True Unlimited Access

There are some restrictions that residential proxies can override those datacenter proxies cannot, however. Netnut allows users to view or scrape any website without restrictions or extra fees, unlike many of its competitors.

Network Connection

Instead of bouncing back and forth, Netnut establishes a direct connection with the proxy. Users enjoy a low-latency, high-speed connection.

Dual Authentication

Both IP and username/password authentication methods are available to users. The traditional username method was the only one they had previously, but now they have added another method as well.

Cons of Netnut

No Unlimited Bandwidth

In general, this may not be an issue. Some companies are willing to pay for it under extraordinary circumstances, but not for free. Unfortunately, Netnut does not provide this service.

Missing SOCKS5 Support

With Netnut, we have to deal with this significant setback. HTTP and HTTPS are available, as well as the ability to get the work done. However, having a little flexibility costs nothing, and your competitors offer similar services at almost the same price.

#5. StormProxies

StormProxies are relatively fast, cheap, and light on your wallet compared to residential proxies. Customer service is excellent, and they are efficient and effective at web scraping.

Nonetheless, their region coverage, geotargeting capabilities, and authentication techniques, among others, are somewhat limited.

How to claim the trial offer in StormProxies?

There is no trial offer for StormProxies’ proxies, but they provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee. Thus, we have used their money-back guarantee for our trial offer. You can get a free trial by following these simple steps.

Step#1: Go to the company’s website.

stormproxies homepage

Step#2: Click on Login in the top right corner.

Step#3: Sign up for a Stormproxy account if you don’t have one already.

Step#4:  There will be a new page with the various proxy types and their rates. While scrolling, you will also be asked to enter details such as your name, email, etc.

stormproxies signup

Step#5: Once you’ve chosen the plan and filled out all the necessary details, click on Next to continue.

stormproxies choose plan

Step#6: Pay the amount according to your preference, and you will receive the benefits after a few weeks.

Use it wisely to learn about StormProxies and cancel it within 24 hours to avoid incurring charges.

Key Features of the Trial Offer

  • Plans for residential IP that are pocket-friendly.
  • Easy to use and extremely simple.
  • The scraping performance is decent.
  • IP performance is good.

How to cancel the trial offer?  

Using the method mentioned above, grab the trial offer. You need to remember that if you cancel it after 24 hours, you will be charged the entire plan fee.

If you cancel within 24 hours, you will receive the full refund on the original payment method you used to purchase. As 24 hours are not a lot of time, cancel the plan before 24 hours.

Pros and cons of StormProxies


  • Good Network Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Cheapest of all
  • Customer Service


  • Small Proxy Pool
  • No username-based Authentication

Good Network Speed

StormProxies offer users decent speeds. StormProxies can be a fine choice if you want a proxy with good performance.

Unlimited Bandwidth

StormProxies are known for this feature. Almost any amount of data can be used for a project, and the good news is that most of the time, the speed of your project won’t suffer.

Cheapest of all

StormProxy’s huge audience has its roots in this very reason. Proxy options and prices are pretty flexible, so you can get 5 proxies for just $10 per month. Moreover, it also offers 400 proxies for $640 if you are looking for a large number of proxies. Not many proxy providers offer this amount of flexibility between prices and proxy selection.

Customer Service

Their team of highly qualified professionals can solve your problems. The customer service from StormProxies is available via email, and they respond to emails fairly quickly.


Small Proxy Pool

There are only 70,000 IP addresses in Stormproxies’ proxy pool. Although it may not seem as small initially, it is fairly small compared to other proxy providers that deal with millions of daily requests.

No username-based Authentication

Proxy providers typically offer both authentication methods. With StormProxies, however, only one authentication method is provided, IP-based authentication. Some people find this inconvenient. Therefore, when considering StormProxies, keep this in mind.


What is the purpose of free trials offered by residential proxy providers?Β 

What is the purpose of free trials offered by residential proxy providers? 

Is it possible to get my money back from a proxy company?

Most proxy providers offer money-back guarantees of at least 24 hours and generally 2-3 days. You must simply contact our support team if you want to cancel your subscription during this period.

How can I find the best residential proxy with a free trial?

Smartproxy’s 3-day trial offers good performance at a reasonable price. With storm proxies, you can get cheaper plans with a 24 hour trial.

Is there a proxy service that offers a free trial without requiring a credit card?

Several proxies offer a trial period of at least 24 hours without requiring any credit card information.

Are residential proxy services free to try?

Major proxy providers offering free trials are generally safe. While registering for a free trial with a company you don’t know, you should be cautious.

How do I cancel a free residential proxy trial?

Residential Proxy’s free trial can be canceled manually by clicking on the Cancel Free Trial link in the Dashboard section. You can also cancel the subscription by emailing the support team regarding the cancellation.

Final Thoughts

So many residential proxy providers are available, so deciding which one is best can be challenging. It is essential to compare proxy providers to find the one that’s right for you. Comparing prices is also a good idea. 

No matter how big or small your business is, you will need a residential proxy. Those on this list can handle the basics. Look at each option carefully and choose one that suits your individual or business needs.  



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