10+ Cheapest Residential Proxy Providers in 2022

The need for reliable πŸ’ͺ residential proxies with an affordable budget is essential for scraping the web in the wake of such restrictions. You can prevent downtime and access restrictions through residential proxy IP rotation technology.

Web scraping πŸ€– is not the only reason you need a residential proxy. For a wide range of use cases, residential proxies are helpful. Ad verification and travel fare aggregation ✈️ are there, to name a few more.

Top Residential Proxy Providers – Affordable & High-Quality πŸ†

Here are the best and cheapest residential proxy providers I trust. You can buy residential proxies at the best price πŸ€‘ today!

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#1. Smartproxy – #1 Rotating Proxies with Unlimited Threads

smartproxy residential proxies

Smartproxy 😎 has more than 40+ million rotating IPs that are location-based, easy to use, and very flexible in price. The residential proxy IPs work great with web crawlers or any other software, making it faster ⚑ to surf the web.

Developers can also use Smartproxy to get raw HTML data πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» with a simple API call by overriding Captchas and other barriers. If you use a residential proxy, it routes your requests through different parts of the internet. Requests are also slowed down automatically to avoid proxy bans and blocks. In the past, it was hard to scrape web pages.

The Pay As You Go πŸ’° option lets you pay only for what you use. If you use 1GB residential proxy network, you will be only charged $12.5.

smartproxy pay as you go residential

Smartproxy is also used for market research and to monitor competitor prices πŸ“Š before new products are released. It has a very simple and easy-to-use control panel that can be seen after registering and paying.

  • πŸ“Œ 195+ countries and cities are accessible through the geo-targeting features.
  • 🌏 With its 40M+ IP pool, you can connect and run threads anytime.
  • ⚑ It offers a starting package of 5GB, but users can upgrade to get more traffic.
  • πŸ’• Control dashboards are simple and easy to use.
  • 🚫 Spamhaus and blacklists are checked on all proxy IPs.
  • πŸ“ˆ With a powerful backend, you can scale quickly.
  • πŸ€‘ Provides micro, starter, regular, and advanced plans.

#2. Bright Data ( Formerly Luminati)

bright data residential proxy page

Bright Data has helped many Fortune 500 companies use the internet to get their data. They are one of the world’s top providers πŸ’ͺ of residential proxy servers, and they help many companies get their data from the internet.

Many companies can use the residential proxies they offer to scrape huge data without being banned from the internet by providers. Bright Data has around 72million+ IPs in its network that are absolute addresses.

According to Bright Data’s rules, you can use any IP address Bright Data has in its pool to reach people worldwide 🌍 through the internet.

Regarding prices, Bright Data has four different pricing plans that keep changing based on how much data you need.

bright data icon
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bright data residential proxy pricing
  • The pricing starts at $500 a month, giving you 40 GB of usage ($12.5 per GB).
  • If you need a lot of data, these prices can go up to $30,000 monthly for 10,000 GB ($3 per GB).
  • They’d be best for big brands and businesses only. Apart from that, Bright Data is an excellent proxy service.
  • Provides easy switching between different proxy types; residential IP addresses, mobile IP addresses, shared and data center private proxy addresses.
  • Supports IP addresses in every country, city, and carrier.
  • Assigns specific IP addresses to individual users.
  • Multiple IP addresses can be used concurrently by users.
  • A real-time network status monitor and 99% network uptime.
  • Customer support is available 24×7.

#3. Proxy-Cheap


End your search πŸ” for a perfect residential proxy provider now because Proxy-cheap is affordable enough to start without doubts πŸ€”. Proxy-cheap, as the name suggests, offers cheap residential proxy plans that start at just $4.99/GB.

  • Standard rotating residential proxy only support HTTP and can be authenticated using USERNAME:PASSWORD
  • It is even cheaper if you need a SOCKS5 proxy and starts at just $3.49/mo. Static residential has the option to authenticate using an IP whitelist
  • While standard rotating proxy is available in over 127 countries, static residential only has a US location.
  • Static residential proxy having only US location is the only drawback of Proxy-Cheap. But if you need rotating proxies, you won’t care.

The most significant advantage of Proxy-cheap proxies is that you can use them for various tasks. You can use it in a sneaker bot, web-scraping bot, or proxy browser. It works πŸ”₯.

Here’s a detailed list of use cases that you can utilize Proxy-cheap for –

use cases for proxy cheap

Almost every use case is supported. Travel aggregation and SERP scraping is the most-demanded purpose.

#4. Oxylabs

oxylabs review homepage

GEO-targeted proxies for marketers & advertisers – 60+ million mobile residential IP addresses.

Oxylabs is known for having proxies from all over the world that are very safe. They have more than 30 million accurate proxies owned by ISPs and used by people who own homes. Oxylabs is a better choice than Luminati if you only look at the number of IPs.

You can be sure you won’t have to deal with things like IP bans and blocks when you use the web. Scraping bots will be able to use your browsing experience, which will also allow you to have unlimited concurrent sessions and not be recorded.

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In addition, Oxylabs’ residential proxies make it easy for users to control their web sessions and keep their identities secret. Their home proxies are used by businesses to make money.

This is done by letting people see how ads are shown to different people and allowing you to see the advertiser’s home page.

Travel fare aggregators also use Oxylabs’ residential to collect data from hotels, flight companies, and even travel agencies that cannot see who you are. This information can be used to figure out how much to charge for different types of goods.

  • Each free product includes advanced, pro, enterprise, and corporate entry.
  • Internet Service Providers own 30M+ real proxies.
  • They deal with legit IP addresses that are less likely to be blocked or banned.
  • Ensures 100% anonymity and session control
  • Residential proxies can be used with scraping bots.

#5. Stormproxies

stormproxies homepage

It’s one of the best residential rotating proxy services for small businesses and individuals.

 It comes with a 1 GB network designed for high-speed performance and fast multithreaded tools that can work quickly together.

Using StormProxies, you can get into websites that would usually be blocked after paying. You won’t have to wait for your account to be activated and for your proxy to be set up.

Once you sign up, you will get unlimited bandwidth and other extras. StormProxies has no hidden costs. Their top-of-the-line private dedicated proxies are made for fast web access.

Moreover, you can enjoy high-level anonymity on the web and 24/7 customer service. It’s also risk-free to buy Storm Proxies products because they have a 2-day money-back guarantee for all of their products, so there’s no risk.

Key Features of Storm proxies

  • High level of anonymity when surfing the web.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Money-back guarantee of 2 days.
  • Instant and automatic delivery.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited.

#6. Microleaves.com

microleaves largest proxy network

Type of port on traditional residential Backconnect Proxies: Unlimited bandwidth!

The residential backconnect proxy offered by Microleaves has limited functionality. Only purchase their residential backconnect proxies if you need more functionality.

There is much room for good service with 26 million IP addresses from real homes and people. People can get backconnect proxies, dedicated HTTPS proxies, and shared HTTPS proxies from them.

Their residential proxy services are paid for by the port, which differs from other residential proxy providers that pay by how much bandwidth they use. There is no limit to how much data you can use!

Microleaves is a service that has a subscription plan that fits your needs. If you use them in many different ways, though, they might not be as flexible as you think.

Key Features of Microleaves

  • P2P PROXY NETWORK with 26 million residential users.
  • Simple to use and set up.
  • Money-back guarantee of 3 days.
  • Support for geotargeted proxy servers.
  • Supported unique social websites and sneaker websites.

#7. GeoSurf

geosurf cheapest residential proxy provider

Proxies with over 2 million IPs – a cost-effective choice for businesses. To find people for jobs, sales intelligence, brand monitoring, and web crawling, you should use GeoSurf proxies. They are an enterprise global residential proxy network.

Their p2p network allows users to use as many unblocked IPs as they need for their business.

Their built-in IP rotation API is designed to run your business at its best. You can send unlimited requests at the same time to millions of IPs that have been verified. Their residential proxies come in different plans; starter, January special, and enterprise membership.

These plans are cheap and include unlimited IP addresses, dedicated customer service, and residential IP addresses in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Key Features of GeoSurf proxies

  • Over 2 million unlimited clean residential IP addresses cannot be detected as proxies.
  • API that supports copying and pasting.
  • Supports more than 130 geolocations, such as Thailand, Canada, Germany, US, Mexico, Brazil, etc.
  • For all Enterprise customers, we provide a dedicated customer success manager.
  • You have unlimited access to Geosurf’s IP pool.
  • The statistics for each user’s account are detailed.

#8. Proxyrack

proxyrack http proxies

Cheap residential proxy providers also offer residential VPN services.

People who want to use a residential proxy service don’t often get their products through a VPN service. Proxyrack, on the other hand, does work well. Because they have residential VPV plans, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies from any country.

They have a super-fast internet connection that helps encrypt and mask your online activity, which helps keep your online anonymity. Proxyrack residential proxies work well with most operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, and more.

This also ensures the best possible performance, speed, and stability. Proxyrack, however, has a straightforward but attractive user interface that makes navigating and getting to on-site content easy. Their proxy plans are very cheap and come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

Key Features of Proxyrack

  • Bandwidth without limit.
  • Switching between servers is unlimited.
  • OpenVPN protocol support.
  • All servers and locations are accessible.
  • Support for DNS leak fixes.
  • Due to its multi-login feature, users have the option of signing up for and using as many as five accounts at the same time.
  • When the VPN connection is interrupted, the VPN kill switch disables your internet connection.
  • They offer free routine updates and technical support 24 hours a day.

#9. Rotatingproxies

rotatingproxies homepage

Looking for legit USA proxies that don’t have any limits?

Rotating proxies have a lot of different back-connect proxies that are built to work with HTTP and HTTPS.

Enjoy unrestricted bandwidth and no connection throttling so you can scrape high-quality web pages. Their residential proxies keep your connection private with features like free URL access logs and HTTP message headers that are safe to send and receive. Proxy peer pool: They have a wide range of IPs, subnets, and broadband ISPs.

The best in the business rotates your proxy every five minutes, giving you a new and unique identity that makes it hard for you to be blocked or banned. You’ll also be able to surf the web through proxy plans only for people in the United States.

If you choose the right RotatingProxies plan, you can get access to geo-targeted back-connect proxies from tier 1 countries like Canada, the UK, France, and more. To keep its network high-quality, the pool of back-connect IPs at RotatingProxies is checked and updated daily.

Key Features of Rotating proxies

  • Proxy servers that support HTTPS and HTTP requests.
  • Maintains a daily network refresh.
  • It provides a way to scrape URLs, create accounts, and protect brands.
  • Surf without any site restrictions or bandwidth throttling.
  • Proxy servers from multiple geo-locations are supported.
  • Five-minute proxy rotations are integrated.
  • An evergreen proxy pool offers multiple IP addresses, subnets, and broadband ISPs.
  • 100% anonymous scraping of the web.

#10. Proxy Rental

proxyrental homepage

Proxy Rental has your back. It’s fun to scrape the web in a place without bans, ghosting, crashes, or fixes. That is what you get when you use Proxy Rental to get residential and dynamic DSL IPs for your home.

Proxy Rental is what you need to make more money for your business while keeping your identity hidden from the public. Change your IP address with this proxy service. You can also hide your IP address.

Because their USA proxies are always new and never the same, you can be sure to find and use unique US IPs and proxies. The Proxy Rental free trial package can help you improve your business. As a result, there aren’t as many options in the free version. You can change to any of their paid plans at any time.

So, you can use different accounts for SEO, social media, online classifieds, and other business marketing purposes all for the price of one. Because it allows multiple logins, you can set up and use different accounts for each.

Key Features of Proxy Rental

  • Hides your IP address so you can perform anonymous web scraping.
  • Allows users to create multiple accounts for one price: Each user can create and use multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Utilize their exclusive US IP changing pool to increase your return on investment by more than five times.
  • Supports free trials and paid premium plans.
  • Multiple cities can be displayed without the risk of blocking, ghosting, or even flagging ads.
  • The software comes with a user manual and step-by-step installation instructions so users can maximize profits while reducing expenses.

#11. Local Proxies

localproxies homepage

A newbie, but it offers excellent residential IP proxies at the cheapest cost. Choose safe and secure residential proxies so you can surf the web without limits or restrictions. Only buy accurate residential proxies that won’t put your site and data at risk of being hacked.

There are local proxies that get their servers from good places. If you sign up for one of their premium plans, you can be sure that you will follow all the rules and laws that apply to your situation. There is no risk of IP blocking or geo-based access restrictions. What’s more, is that their proxy servers are updated every day.

The proxies they use come from different ISPs and subnets, so users can be 100% anonymous when they scrape the web. Because they have their network, their proxy packages are, without a doubt, secure and safe. A lot of people use Local Proxies, and there are a lot of different membership plans that can be tailored to meet their needs.

Key Features of Local proxies

  • Proxies of the highest quality are available on an exclusive network.
  • Packages with high levels of customization.
  • Anonymous web scraping with 100% undetectable backconnect proxies.
  • Rotation of IP addresses daily.
  • Random IP addresses from different ISPs and subnets.
  • Supports a wide range of geolocations.
  • Residential proxies with exclusive IPs.

#12. Netnut

netnut fastest proxies

For static and rotating residential IP proxies, this is the best option. If you want the best residential IP proxy network, look no further. It allows you to scrape the web without being blocked or led astray.

You must get your IP address directly from an ISP with a single-hop connection from a place you can trust. Also, a dynamic P2P network was set up to make growing it easier.

Netnut routes all traffic through its network, and no third-party systems are used. This ensures that all connections are smooth and there are no problems. This way, there is no risk of your data being stolen or sold.

They easily track and integrate your proxies, like API access, Chrome extensions, and more. In addition to web scraping, they can also be used for SEO monitoring, competitive analysis, and more.

When there are questions or problems, they have a team that works around the clock to help with accounts. You also get full integration support for TeamViewer sessions if you need it.

Key Features of Netnut proxies

  • Over 10,000,000 residential IP addresses are available on Netnut proxy. Static and rotating IP addresses are available, with virtually no failure rates.
  • Global targeting & city-state selection are supported.
  • A unique IP address is assigned to each browsing session, and its residential proxy services seamlessly integrate with any web browser.
  • To maintain anonymity, each search engine request generates a new IP address.
  • A simple, easy-to-use dashboard that provides real-time information on usage statistics. Data is accessible via an API.
  • Pre-verified all IP addresses to ensure optimum performance.
  • Due to its location in major exchanges and data hubs, it supports optimal latency.

Frequently asked questions

What is the standard pricing of residential proxies?

Various proxy providers offer proxies at different prices. A standard price is not a thing here. However, if you get 1GB for less than $10, it is a great price.

Which provider offers a residential proxy for the lowest price?

The cheapest is when you have the option to choose Pay as you go. As long as you want to spend less than $10 for proxies, Pay as you go is your choice.

Can I buy a rotating residential proxy?

Rotating residential proxies is a little costly and costs slightly more than a static residential IP. πŸ€‘ You can easily buy a rotating residential proxy, just like any other type.

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To get the most out of the web, you need to be able to get data from almost any website you want. That can only happen if you use residential proxies to connect.

It can be hard to find the best one if you’ve never had or used a service before. This review has looked at some of the best residential proxy providers and put them together in one place. Compare and contrast each of them to get the best deal possible.



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