SiteGuru Review 2023– Best SEO Audit, Monitor & To-Do List

Millions of businesses are competing for attention on the web, and it’s hard to know where to start when trying to improve your website’s SEO. 

You’ve probably heard that you need to be doing all sorts of things like adding keywords and meta descriptions, but it can be overwhelming and confusing.

Even if you do everything “right,” there’s no guarantee that your site will appear on the top search engine results pages (SERPs).

SiteGuru is the solution and therefore I am presenting my Siteguru review in this post. This free website audit tool will help identify areas for improvement on your website so you can start seeing more traffic from search engines.

The tool also helps you optimize critical elements like page titles and sitemaps, so your site is as search engine friendly as possible.

In this post, I will introduce to you all this intelligent SEO audit tool SiteGuru. If you plan to purchase the tool, check out my complete SiteGuru review from here.

What is SiteGuru?

The intuitive program SiteGuru gives weekly SEO audits. It identifies problems and faults on your website that may damage your position in search engine results. With features such as automated site crawls, extensive reporting, SEO performance tracker, and many more, the ranking of your website will increase rapidly.

Get Started with a 14-day free trial of SiteGuru

How To Sign Up for SiteGuru?

During SiteGuru’s 14-day free trial period, no credit card information is required. Click here to get started.

siteguru steps to signup

Click on Start Free Trial after entering your email address and website URL.

siteguru review free trial

Next, click the See Site Report link and choose a password. Once you have entered your email, you will receive a notification.

siteguru free trial password

It takes less than 15 minutes for the tool to crawl your website; the results are shown on the dashboard.

You can only check limited pages with the free trial. You need to upgrade the plan to get a complete audit of all the pages.

This is a screenshot of the dashboard. Subscribing to a paid plan will allow you to add more websites.

siteguru dashboard

You can view detailed statistics on the website by clicking on it. The first thing you see when you open the page is the SEO score. In addition to assisting you with minimizing errors, the total SEO score has a great deal of meaning.

How It Works?

1. Run a Website Audit

run website audits with siteguru

With the tool, SEO traffic issues can be diagnosed within 15 minutes. As part of this training, you’ll learn how to optimize your page speed and meta descriptions and how to avoid internal redirects.

2. Identify Opportunities

fix in siteguru

SiteGuru can connect your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can get more insight into your website’s performance, identify new SEO opportunities and monitor its performance over time.

3. Get Updates


As a result, your website will never be left behind because the software will notify you in case of issues. In addition to reducing costs, its effective monitoring means you won’t have to hire SEO consultants.

SiteGuru Features

1. Automated Site Crawls

It gives you a complete overview of your website, including pages you may have overlooked. The site’s structure can be accessed through sitemaps, internal links, and canonicals.

2. SEO to-do list

fix in siteguru

If you don’t want to read lengthy reports, this is the ideal tool for you. It delivers a comprehensive, prioritized list of SEO duties. Consequently, you may swiftly correct issues on your website to improve its visibility. This function identifies broken links, duplicate meta descriptions, and sluggish pages.

3. Working with clients

With this tool, you may collaborate with your team to enhance your website straightforwardly and simply. Simply issue an invitation to your coworkers, and they will immediately access your SiteGuru account. This has no limit on invitations; anyone with access may use it.

4. Keep track of changes

The software watches your website so that you know any rapid changes to page titles, page speed, and canonicals. This motivates you to execute ideas for enhancing your business’s reputation and traffic immediately.

5. Exports CSV and Word

Export reports from Siteguru account

If necessary, you can now effortlessly convert reports to CSV or Microsoft Word. After conversion, it will also feature your logo and company name. You will be the only one who has access to these files.

6. Connect Google Analytics with Google Search Control


Google is among the most frequently used search engines. It is crucial that your company does not lag behind in its search engine rankings. This tool allows you to link to Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you can simply calculate keyword ranks on pages, increase your clickthrough rate, and monitor your site’s standing.

7. Meta descriptions and titles


Possessing a decent meta description and title can influence how visitors see your website, particularly its distinctive and intriguing aspects. This feature gives you access to duplicate descriptions and titles to determine where your site’s focus should go.

8. SEO performance tracker

SiteGuru can be used as your personal SEO dashboard since it can track critical keywords, your competitors’ pages, traffic sources, and site visitor activities. Everything you need to know about your SEO performance is accessible in a single tool, so switching tabs is unnecessary.

9. Page speed and Core Web Vitals


Slow page load times can discourage website visitors from returning. If it takes too long for your website to load, users may abandon it or provide unfavorable comments. The software contains a Pagespeed API that produces a single list of page speed data. By using it, you will not miss any details, which is why all pages will load at the optimal speed.

10. Indexation

Through the Page Inspect tool, this feature provides an indexation report that indicates which pages may be indexed by Google and which include faults that prohibit them from being indexed. It will help you track how Google crawls and indexes your website.

11. Sitemaps

Sitemaps assist users in simply exploring your site by highlighting its most significant pages and revealing its structure. This function provides a detailed assessment of whether the sitemap is comprehensive, correct, and up-to-date, which can assist reduce the number of broken, missing, or redirected pages.

12. Broken links and redirects

You may now spend less time double-checking for broken links, as the program can perform this task efficiently. It can distinguish between active and unavailable links. It facilitates the improvement of internal links inside the website..

13. Structured Data

The software generates a report detailing the types of structured data present on various web pages. This might provide you with an understanding of the data trends, allowing you to devise further techniques to increase your site’s visibility.

14. Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs reduce duplication concerns in links, sites, and content. Having the incorrect one can cause harm to your SEO system. This feature highlights non-canonical, self-referencing URLs, allowing you to quickly identify which connections require immediate attention.

15. Hreflangs

If you intend to expand worldwide, your website must target the appropriate consumers based on their location. It’s a difficult and lengthy process in which most SEO audit creators struggle. This function generates a report detailing which pages include hreflangs that match specific locales. This ensures that no page or phrase is overlooked.

16. Detailed Reporting

The SiteGuru tool identifies deficiencies in your website’s architecture, headings, and internal links, identifies photos that lack alt text, and more.

SiteGuru Pricing Plans – How Much Does SiteGuru Cost?

Site Guru Pricing

Three premium levels are now available on SiteGuru.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Agency

You can also choose to be billed monthly or annually. The monthly fee is as follows:

  • Small– $29/ month
  • Medium – $49/ month
  • Agency – $149/ month

If you opt for annual billing, you will be charged:

  • Small– $23.20/ month
  • Medium – $39.20/ month
  • Agency – $119.20/ month

Annual membership is optimal for SiteGuru usage over a prolonged length of time. Additionally, select a package based on your anticipated usage.

If you only need to monitor two websites, for instance, the Small package will be enough. If you need to monitor five websites, choose the Medium package.

When working for an agency, you will have hundreds of clients. Consequently, the Agency plan is optimal.

The tracking of websites can be enhanced at any time with the Medium plan. Each monthly site fee is $10. This is an excellent alternative to the Agency plan if you have more than five clients and cannot afford the Agency plan.

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Conclusion – SiteGuru Review 2023 – Should You Try It?

SiteGuru, a sophisticated SEO tool, performs free website audits and usability evaluations to find areas for improvement and usability concerns. SiteGuru assists with the correct website optimization so that search engines will send more traffic to it.

Choose an SEO audit package that meets your requirements and begin to work!

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