SmartProxy Free Trial + Pros & Cons, Pricing Plans, and Features

SmartProxy has great proxy plans, and you can use it for ad verification, data scraping, and unlocking access to some geo-restricted sites.

Most proxy provider companies offer a free trial that helps you evaluate and review the quality of proxies. However, instead of a free trial, SmartProxy offers you a 3-days money-back guarantee, and within those 3 days, you can check out their services. You can continue with the membership if you enjoy their service, but if not, you can receive a refund too!

So in this article, we will lead you through a step-by-step method to claim your refund from SmartProxy within 3 days of your subscription and answer some of your usual queries. With that being said, let’s get into details.

How to get the SmartProxy Free Trial account?

As indicated previously, SmartProxy no longer offers free trials due to exploitation of services; however, they still offer a 3-day money-back guarantee. Now, you may choose any subscription and test it to see whether it works.

However, if you are still dissatisfied with the service, you can contact their support team and request a refund within three days of signing up.

With that said, take the steps outlined below to accomplish this:

Step 1: Go to SmartProxy.

smartproxy free trial

Step 2: Click on the red button that says β€œGet Started”.

smartproxy registration

Step 3: Fill out your information now.

smartproxy fill information

Step 4: Personalize your experience by selecting the option that suits you the most. 

smartproxy dashboard

Step 5: This is how the dashboard looks, and you can select the desired plan. 

smartproxy residential plans

Step 6: Select the subscription plan you want to purchase and pay for it.

smartproxy payment

How to Get a Refund from Smartproxy?

To get a refund, contact the SmartProxy customer service team.

You can contact them via live chat or email; your refund will be processed shortly!

Nota bene: You must cancel the membership within the first three days of payment to receive a refund. As a 3-day money-back guarantee backs SmartProxy.

Our ReviewΒ of SmartProxy

SmartProxy is a fancy word for VPN β€” similarly to VPNs, SmartProxy shields your IP address from devious third-party cookies that track your personal information and even online activities.

Additionally, Smartproxy unblocks geo-restricted content and is completely private! Thus, you can begin your SmartProxy journey by subscribing to any plan that is right for you! (Continue reading for details on their subscription plans.)

Features and Benefits

Multiple Device Support

SmartProxy can be used on multiple devices simultaneously, regardless of the operating system (e.g., iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows).

Free Trial ( 3-Days Money-Back Guarantee)

In contrast to other services, SmartProxy only requires your email address before granting you the free trial.

Endless Bandwidth and Speed

SmartProxy always connects you to high-speed servers, so you don’t have to worry about low-speed connections.

Global access

SmartProxy automatically unblocks restricted sites – including Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and endless streaming websites.

24/7 Live Support

Support is available at any time, so you can reach out to them!

SmartProxy: Pricing Plans

Residential Plans

smartproxy residential plans

Micro, Regular, and Starter (this plan is our top recommendation, and we’ll explain why in just a minute) – but regardless, let’s take a look at each plan one by one, so you can decide which plan is best for you.

Starter PlanΒ 

  • Monthly- $75 + VAT
  • Price per GB: $15
Start Now

Micro Plan

  • Monthly- $200 + VAT
  • Price per GB: $10
Start Now

Regular Plan

  • Monthly- $400 + VAT
  • Price per GB: $8
Start Now

Starter PlanΒ 

Whenever we recommend this plan to newcomers, it is because it is the best plan. You can run multiple projects with $200 + VAT (billed every month). You can even add GB for $10.Β 
The ideal limit for both Proxy and Whitelist users is 3 if you’re worried about either. In addition, the plan allows 20 GB of traffic per month.

Micro Plan

For small tasks or projects, this plan is ideal. Subscribing to it costs $75 + VAT per month. In addition, you get 15GB for $15.
As a final note, the limit of this plan is 1, 1, and 5 GB for proxy users, whitelist users, and traffic, respectively.

Regular Plan

This plan is excellent for independent contractors and is available for $400 + VAT (billed monthly). Additionally, this plan’s traffic cap is approximately 50 GB, with an extra GB available for only $8. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the Whitelist and Proxy user limits, they are both set to five.
However, if you’re not pleased with the plans stated above, Residential Plans provides additional sub-plans for $700, $1500, $2500, and $4000 – all of which are invoiced monthly +VAT.

Datacenter Plans

smartproxy datacenter plans

This plan is divided into four sub-plans – Clever, Smart, Genius, and Wise – but regardless of which plan you choose, let’s go through each one in depth to determine which one is ideal for you.

$1.00 per GBClever Plan
$1.00 per GB

Clever Plan

  • User:pass authentication
  • No whitelist
$50 per month
$0.80 per GBSmart Plan
$0.80 per GB

Smart Plan

  • User:pass authentication
  • No whitelist
$100 per month
$0.70 per GBWise Plan
$0.70 per GB

Wise Plan

  • User:pass authentication
  • No whitelist
$200 per month
$0.70 per GBGenius Plan
$0.70 per GB

Genius Plan

  • User:pass authentication
  • No whitelist
$500 per month

Clever Plan

This package is ideal if your budget is limited but you still want to acquire the complete network! And you can do so for as little as $50 + VAT (billed monthly). Additionally, you can purchase an additional GB for $1.
Finally, this plan’s bandwidth cap is approximately 100 GB, and the Proxy user limit is one.

Smart Plan

Now, if you’re managing multiple projects concurrently, this sub-plan is ideal for you! And it’s only $100 + VAT annually (billed every month). Additionally, the additional GB on this plan is merely 0.8 bucks.
Finally, the traffic and user limits for Proxy on this sub-plan are 200 GB and 3, respectively.

Wise Plan

As previously stated, this is our most recommended plan, as it is ideal for individuals that operate scrape enterprises. And you can obtain this sub-plan for $200 + VAT (paid monthly), with an additional GB for just 0.7 dollars.
Additionally, this plan has a 400 GB traffic cap and a five-user Proxy limit!

Genius Plan

This sub-plan is ideal if you already have a successful business with a diverse crew. And if that is the case, it is available for $500 + VAT annually (billed monthly).
Similarly, if you’re concerned about the limits, they’re 10 and 1000GB for the user proxy and traffic, respectively.

Scalable SERP Scraping API Plans

serp scraping api plans

If Billed annually, there is a discount of 10%

smartproxy annual billing

This plan is divided into three sub-plans: Lite, Basic (which we strongly recommend; we’ll explain why in a moment), and Standard. Regardless, let’s go over each plan in depth so you can determine which one is ideal for you!

Basic Plan

This affordable plan provides you with the most significant number of requests. You can submit up to 100,000 requests under this plan. Additionally, they will charge you $250 for every 1000 inquiries.

Lite Plan

This plan allows for up to 35,000 requests. And they will charge you $286 for every 1000 inquiries. Therefore, go ahead and subscribe for $100 +VAT (which is billed every month).

Standard Plan

This package allows you to submit up to 250,000 requests. Additionally, they will charge you $200 for every 1000 inquiries. Therefore, for only $500 +VAT, you can subscribe to it (billed monthly).

Reseller Plans

smartproxy reseller plan

This plan is subdivided into four sections: Husler, Dealer, Boss, and Kingpin. However, let’s review each plan to determine which is ideal for you.

(Note that the user limit for proxies and whitelist is identical across all plans, which are unlimited and five users, respectively).

Hustler Plan $1000/month

You can subscribe for $1000 + VAT (paid monthly) and receive an additional GB for $10. Additionally, the traffic restriction is approximately 100GB.

Dealer Plan $2250/month

You can subscribe for $2,250 + VAT (paid monthly) and receive an additional GB for $9. Additionally, the traffic restriction is approximately 250 GB.

Boss Plan $4000/month

You can subscribe to it for $4000 + VAT (paid monthly) and receive an additional GB for $8. Additionally, the traffic restriction is approximately 500GB.

Kingpin Plan $7000/month

You may subscribe to it for $7000 + VAT (paid monthly) and receive an extra GB for $7. Additionally, the traffic restriction is approximately 1000GB.

Dedicated Datacenter Plans for Dedicated Proxy Users

smartproxy dedicated datacenter plans

There are 3 plans in this category

  1. Main, which starts from $135 and is suitable for 100 IPs. This is also the most popular plan in this category. 
  2. General Plan starts from $73 per month and is suitable for 50 IPs. 
  3. Mini Plan, as the name suggests, is the smallest one, costs you $39 per month, and is suitable for 25 IPs. 

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By using the SmartProxy free trial, can you unblock some websites?

You can unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Pandora, NBC, and many more websites with SmartProxy.

Is SmartProxy free to try?

When writing this guide, we couldn’t find any free trials of SmartProxy. A free trial is available to users using their money-back policy.

Is there a money back guarantee offered by SmartProxy?

As of now, SmartProxy comes with a three-day money-back guarantee. SmartProxy offers a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with its services. 

When the free trial ends, what will happen?

A paid plan must be purchased once the free trial has expired.

The Final Verdict!

The purpose of this article was to explain how to get the free trial account for SmartProxy, not only by briefly describing what the service is but also by providing step-by-step instructions on how to get it for free.

Thank you for reading our post! Please contact us in the comment section below if you have any questions or feedback.



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