My Honest SmartProxy Review 2023: Best Overall Proxies

SmartProxy debuted in 2018 and is an effective residential proxy service with customers in over 195 countries.

The worldwide proxy service provides four different SmartProxy proxies: residential, shared, and dedicated data centers and a Search Engine proxy.

SmartProxy has become one of the leading proxy suppliers on the market, second only to Oxylabs and Bright Data, due to its ability to supply high-quality residential proxies at an affordable price.

SmartProxy is the go-to option for not just Fortune 500 organizations but also sneakerheads, social media managers, and smaller enterprises. With my SmartProxy review, you will learn everything about its proxy services.

What is SmartProxy?

smartproxy review best proxy server

SmartProxy is one of the market’s largest proxy service providers. They’ve been in business since 2018, one of the most reputable and well-known businesses.

SmartProxy Residential Proxies are among the most excellent proxies due to their wide variety of applications. These sorts of proxies provide the IP addresses of actual physical devices. They are thus almost challenging to detect and block.

SmartProxy datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are IPs manufactured artificially in datacenters. They are often less expensive and quicker than residential proxies. Nevertheless, datacenter proxy servers are more straightforward to discover and stop.

Although SmartProxy provides more than 40 million home IPs in more than 150 countries worldwide, its city targeting is restricted.

They only provide city-specific proxies for the following eight big cities: New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Miami, London, and Berlin. Additionally, they do not support the SOCKS protocol.

However, regardless of your chosen pricing plan, you can access the proxy pool of over 40 million proxies. They also charge per bandwidth, so you will pay less if you exceed your limit.

Steps to Get Started With SmartProxy?

1. Go to the SmartProxy website and click on Signup. 

smartproxy start trial step1

2. Here, you can sign up with your email id or directly log in with your Gmail. 

smartproxy start trial step2

3. Then you get an option to get the SERP Scraping API subscription, thus you can learn more about it by clicking on Learn More, or you can skip this process and proceed directly to the dashboard. 

smartproxy start trial step3

4. This is how your dashboard looks, you can here, select the type of proxies you wish and pay for it from the pricing plan. 

smartproxy dashboard view

5. Here, I have shown the regular plan for Residential proxies. 

Smartproxy Pay as you Go option
Regular pricing in Smartproxy

Now you will have both ways of authentication to be able to use the Residential Proxies.

Smartproxy authentication methods for using residential proxies

First, Go to authentication methods and create your username and password for the Residential Proxy.

Smartproxy authentication methods for using residential proxies

Now, you need to generate the endpoints. This will give you the command to use the residential proxies in your bot/software.

Endpoint generator for Custom Residential Proxy

In the above screen,

  1. You need to put your username and password to automatically generate the proxy list with User:Pass authentication method.
  2. For a random location, it uses However, you can choose a specific Proxy location as well.
  3. You can choose Stick or Rotating Proxy here.

Once ready, you can copy the command and put it in your automation bot to start using it.

If you want to use it in a browser, The below screenshot shows you how to configure it in Ghost Browser.

Proxy Control in Ghost Browser

I used the Identity manager feature of Ghost browser. You can see that the active tab has a unique color and identity name in the bottom right corner.

Checking current IP in

The best way to use it is – to set up a static residential IP in your SmartProxy dashboard and use it with your Ghost browser (or any other anti-detect or privacy browser).

Services Offered by SmartProxy

SmartProxy provides proxy services for online scraping purposes. Some of the most significant residential proxies are shared data center proxies, and SERP proxies are among these proxies.

 1. Search Engine Proxies

Launched in early 2021, Search Engine Proxies is a specialized tool for scraping Search Engines. The program utilizes the provider’s residential proxy network to get data with a 100 percent success rate.

SmartProxy’s Search Engine Proxies, unlike regular residential proxies, have a range of functions that facilitate data scraping and data processing. These capabilities include JavaScript rendering, Google ReCaptcha bypassing, automated proxy filtering, fingerprint management, and user agent management.

This application allows you to extract various data from search engines, including organic results, sponsored adverts, hotels, maps, etc. Note that this scraping tool supports targeting at the state and city level and the standard back connects proxy format. You may also send requests through the URL if you need an open connection.

2. Shared Datacenter Proxies

smartproxy datacenter proxy

Datacenter proxies are the second principal product of SmartProxy. SmartProxy’s datacenter proxy servers are situated in the United States, unlike their residential equivalents, to offer a quick and stable connection to your targets.

SmartProxy’s datacenter IPs are shared, as is typical of most datacenter proxies. Its network comprises hundreds of subnets and over 40K US IP addresses, making it exceedingly difficult for web scrapers to be cloaked, banned, or tagged.

While shared IPs are often reported, particularly when scraping unprotected websites, SmartProxy says that the number of concurrent users per IP is very restricted. 

This guarantees the performance of all websites and services customers access on the network. Additionally, the business claims that its data centers are positioned near important Amazon and Google servers to minimize traffic burdens.

In addition, SmartProxy does not restrict the number of websites you may visit, so long as you do not exceed your monthly bandwidth limit. 

There are no limitations on the number of connections or requests as long as they do not exceed the specified limit.

3. Rotating Residential Proxies

smartproxy residential proxy

Rotating residential proxies is the primary proxy service provided by SmartProxy. Since its launch in 2018, the proxy service provider has consistently added IP addresses to its pool.

Today, the organization promises to provide 40 million or more IP addresses from over 195 places worldwide, including 50 geolocations for US states alone. According to the material on their website, all of these home proxies originate from devices such as cellphones and desktop computers and have legitimate IP addresses.

Interestingly, SmartProxy does not charge its residential proxies per proxy. Therefore there is no limit to the number of proxies that may be used. Instead, it provides users with a vast pool of shared proxies that are only limited by traffic.

Tools Offered by SmartProxy

In addition to proxies, SmartProxy has been diligently working on new and current features to improve the client experience, which we are happy with.

The X-Browser, the Chrome Proxy extension, the Firefox proxy addon, and the proxy address generator are some of these functionalities.

In this part, I describe each of these tools in further depth.

1. Proxy Address Generator

smartproxy address generator

With SmartProxy’s proxy address generator, you may build proxies that meet your scraping requirements and then download them for your scraper or bot. You can combine the service with today’s most common tools and bots with their instructions.

2. Browser Extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

smartproxy extension

SmartProxy offers addons for Chrome and Firefox that enable anonymous online browsing. These addons or extensions use the provider’s residential proxy network. Thus the IPs originate from actual devices.

With these extra capabilities, you may access the settings, choose the proxy type (rotating or persistent), and select a country. After that, you must choose an authentication method. This may be accomplished with either a user: pass or an allowed IP.

3. The X-Browser

smartproxy x browser

The X-Browser is a freshly introduced anonymity solution from SmartProxy. This new anti-detection and multi-profile management solution enable web scrapers to scrape the web using many browsers concurrently without being discovered.

This one-of-a-kind program works by altering your IP and simultaneously assigning each profile its fingerprint, allowing them to be linked to multiple individuals rather than just one.

The X Browser enables the safe and secure management of many social media, affiliate, and merchant accounts without being detected or prohibited. Interestingly, SmartProxy provides this capability to all of its customers for free.

Why do I recommend SmartProxy?

1. Β  Top Quality Secure (IPv4 and HTTPS enabled)

Security is another significant reason why people use proxies. SmartProxy provides its customers with superior security. This is feasible because their servers are encrypted using cutting-edge next-generation security technologies.Β 
SmartProxy additionally employs protocols such as IPv4 and HTTPS to shield its consumers from dangerous online activity. This allows its consumers to feel safe when accessing the internet.

2. Top-level Anonymity

Anonymity is one of the primary reasons proxy users subscribe to proxy services. SmartProxy provides one of the highest levels of anonymity on the proxy market since it cannot be detected or blocked.
Internet users’ identities are concealed from service providers, government agencies, and website security systems using the most current security methods.

3. 3-Day Money-Back Policy

The 3-day refund policy is a feature that some customers appreciate. Before gaining access to their services, users must pay for SmartProxy’s services.

4. Flexible Payment Options

SmartProxy offers not only a customizable subscription plan but also a flexible payment method. Users may make payments using PayPal, credit cards, and even Bitcoin. This expedites the payment process. However, if a consumer is unhappy with the service, they may seek a refund. The refund method of SmartProxy is prompt and refunds customers’ money within days.

5. Flexible Monthly Subscription Plans

SmartProxy is a premium proxy service with a reputation for flexible subscription options. Their plans are more adaptable than several leading proxy service providers and come at a meager price.
SmartProxy allows users to purchase micro plans starting at 1 GB for $15 and 5 GB for $75 to accommodate more modest proxy use cases.
In contrast to proxy service providers such as Oxylabs, whose most basic package costs $600 and includes 50 GB of bandwidth, this service offers unlimited bandwidth for free.Β 
Their consumers may also sign up for regular monthly subscriptions, ensuring they never run out of bandwidth.
In addition, you can access a monthly auto-renewal membership option to streamline monthly subscriptions.

6. Great Customer Support

SmartProxy has the most excellent customer service among proxy service providers. This is because they are a customer-focused proxy service.
Their customer service comprises live chat help, accessible around the clock. Additionally, their representatives are prompt, responsive, and helpful. In addition, to live chat help, they also have an extensive FAQ website.
Their Commonly Requested Questions page provides valuable solutions to the most frequently asked questions. Typically, this is plenty for people to get started. Email help is another significant aspect of SmartProxy’s customer service.

7. Good Session Control

SmartProxy’s provision of two distinct IP session types for its consumers is another distinctive characteristic. Each of these IP session types has its optimal use and efficiency zone.
Due to the variety of IP session types it provides, SmartProxy is appropriate for a variety of applications.

8. Acceptable Proxy Speed

The interval between initiating a request and receiving a response from the server is known as response time. Response time is a significant aspect of proxy speed evaluations.
Due to the pings and latency associated with home proxies, many residential proxies are slower than datacenter proxies.
However, it is intriguing that the reaction time of their residential proxies is far faster than most of their competitors. Their download speed is remarkable, as even enormous files may be downloaded within seconds.
Users may evaluate the response, upload, and download speeds of SmartProxy’s proxy using the Speedtest tool from any global location.

9. Excellent Scraping Performance

They are highly regarded because of the residential proxies they possess. Over the years, these home proxies have shown to be among the finest on the market for scraping data from the internet.
With over 40 million home IP addresses, the residential proxies of SmartProxy have shown to be more functional and efficient than those of numerous leading proxy providers with a bigger proxy pool.
Bright Data is the only proxy supplier whose proxies are superior to SmartProxy’s in terms of scraping performance (Luminati). SmartProxy is the second-best residential proxy service for web scraping based on this information.

10. Best Search Engine Proxies

SmartProxy is also user-friendly and well-liked since it never ceases to surprise its customers. Recently, the organization introduced a new Search Engine Proxy technology that is very effective and efficient for online searching.
With this new technology, customers of SmartProxy have assured 100 percent delivery success from prominent search engines such as Google Search Engine in either parsed JSON or raw HTML format. This allows them to refine their SEO tool’s price monitoring capability and obtain organic and sponsored searches.

SmartProxy – Ease of Use

SmartProxy is one of the most straightforward proxy service providers on the market. This is an excellent selling feature and a critical benefit that their users appreciate.

They have one of the most comprehensive dashboards among their competitors, providing them the advantage. SmartProxy guarantees that consumers can effortlessly utilize their services and browse their dashboards by offering user guide documentation.

This allows users to link their proxies with various apps and tools easily. This covers tutorials for integrating social media automation systems, leading site crawlers, and SEO tools.

SmartProxy has furnished consumers with a great Firefox extension and Chrome addon. This allows users to use their proxy session features without login into the dashboard.

Additionally, SmartProxy launched the X Browser for ease of use. This new feature is intended to assist customers in managing numerous accounts. Multiple fingerprints are created with X Browser, enabling users to utilize a variety of browsers without danger.

SmartProxy – Residential IPs and Location

SmartProxy’s big residential IP proxy pool is a distinctive characteristic that attracts many proxy users. SmartProxy has more than 40 million IP addresses distributed over over 195 global locations.

Because they are actual IP addresses, these enormous pools of real IPs provided by SmartProxy are seldom blocked.

Any IP address of SmartProxy that is exploited to the point where it is banned is filtered out and deleted from the IP pool. This maintains a clean IP pool and protects users from any danger connected with an unclean IP address.

SmartProxy has servers in eight countries, covering approximately 195 locations, including all fifty states in the United States. Although the number of protected areas is adequate, the number of accessible nations is somewhat limited.

This restricts the geotargeting capabilities of SmartProxy. The nations covered by SmartProxy are the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, and Germany.

SmartProxy Pricing

smartproxy flexible residential proxy pricing

SmartProxy’s service pricing is based on a monthly subscription basis. You are beginning with residential proxies. Prices range from $75 per month for a single user with a 5 GB traffic limit to $4,000 per month (or more) for a 1 TB (1,000 GB) restriction. 

This allows you to pick the degree of service you need without paying more than you need. There is excellent scalability, so you can start with a basic plan and upgrade as your company grows.

Enterprise plans residential proxy

When examining the raw dollar amount, the price may seem rather significant, but the value increases when reviewing the price per gigabyte. In addition, any additional traffic you use over your plan’s limit will cost less on more costly plans.

Datacenter plans for any business case by smartproxy

Remember that you can access the entire network regardless of the package you choose. Whether you choose the cheapest or most costly subscription, you will have access to any of the almost 200 server locations SmartProxy provides. 

Enterprise plans datacenter proxy

Each package includes access to an infinite number of IP addresses. All network limitations are based on traffic utilization.

Their data center proxies are inexpensive, ranging from $50 for a package with a 50 GB restriction to $500 per month for a plan with 1 TB of traffic. Note that the user restrictions for residential and data center proxies are drastically different. 

Residential proxy user limitations vary from one to one hundred. However, the limitations for data center proxies vary from 1 to 5. Custom pricing is always available for any of their programs if you have more extensive requirements.

SmartProxy Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly dashboardΒ 
  • Multiple authentication methods: username and password or IP address from an allowlistΒ 
  • Session management options include rotating or up to a 10-minute sticky session.Β 
  • 3.1 s is the average reaction time.Β 
  • Unlimited simultaneous connectionsΒ 
  • Proxy API for the administration of subscriptions, sub-users, and plan limitations
  • Dedicated technical assistance around the clock with an average response time of five minutes
  • 195+ sites, including eight large cities for geotargeting
  • Over 10 million household IP addresses


  • Plans are priced depending on bandwidth.


What Is SmartProxy?

SmartProxy is a rotating Residential proxy network. It utilizes more than 40 million proxies to enable users to obtain any data from the internet. In addition, SmartProxy provides shared data center (DC) proxies.

Is SmartProxy reliable?

According to expert proxy assessors, SmartProxy was the best reliable proxy provider in 2020. The network of SmartProxy covers practically every part of the world, and its speeds and prices are among the finest accessible.

Is the help available quickly at SmartProxy?

Yes, indeed. I only utilized the live chat option since a support agent responded promptly and didn’t need to email the vendor. I asked the representative a few technical questions, to which she promptly, courteously, and helpfully replied.

Is a secure website? is a premium proxy service that provides high-quality servers at an affordable price. It is a trustworthy and secure proxy service that guarantees a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied. They are one of the largest proxy service providers, providing proxies in 195+ countries.

SmartProxy Review Conclusion – Is SmartProxy Worth it?

SmartProxy Review

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Anonymity
  • Security


SmartProxy provides a service comparable to many of its premium rivals at a lower price as a premium proxy provider for your IP addresses with unlimited concurrent connections.

There are several proxy kinds, and SmartProxy provides four of them. Residential and data center networks are the most frequent.Β 

SmartProxy also offers Search Engine proxies, a comprehensive scraping API that incorporates a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser, in addition to other varieties.

  • If you want private IPs, SmartProxy provides a vast range of static dedicated data center proxies from the United States.
  • It offers an excellent price-to-features ratio, so you receive a tremendous amount of value. In addition, each plan provides access to the free tools required to manage proxy duties. 
  • X Browser, a multi-profile anti-detection management tool, and Smart Scraper, a code-free data harvesting tool, are examples.
  • SmartProxy is a good alternative if you want a user-friendly data access solution and effective proxy administration capabilities.

With it, you can compete equally with more prominent organizations that gather vast data and more technically adept rivals. Get a free trial of SmartProxy residential proxies today.

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