How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2022? – Best Step-by-step Guide

Do you want to start a WordPress blog and make money online?

Blogging is crazy and this is why I left my job and now blogging full-time to make money online. Since I have experience in blogging for about 5 years, I will help you step-by-step to start blogging.

Blogging gives you financial freedom and the best way to monetize your blog is with affiliate marketing. Blogging has no age limit, so whether you are 18 or 60, you can start it anytime.

Read this blogging guide to start a WordPress blog in under 5 minutes.

The Essential Ingredients to Start a Blog Today

Long story short, you need a few bucks to spend online and buy the following things to get started with a blog today.

  1. Web Hosting Server ($10-20 per month) – While there are tons of companies offering lucrative web hosting packages, I recommend Cloudways to always stay one step ahead.
  2. Domain Name ($10 per year)– Buying a domain name is easy, get it from any of your favorite domain name registrars. If you ask my preference, I choose Dynadot and Namecheap.
  3. WordPress Theme Free – 59$– There is a huge library of WordPress themes that you can explore to suit your preference. Still, I prefer GeneratePress because it works for me for all the sites I host. The premium version of Generatepress will keep you yards ahead of your competition and design expectations.

Steps to Start a WordPress Blog

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start a WordPress blog. This guide covers the following topics to help you start a WordPress blog from scratch.

Choosing a Niche

Before you start blogging, choosing a niche is a crucial part. A niche is what your blog revolves around.

A niche could be your hobby or a profession. If you have accounting experience, you can start a blog on accounting. Similarly, it could be cooking, sports, fitness, or anything of your interest.

Choosing a niche helps you target your audience and increase your blog traffic immensely.

You can research a niche by going through other blogs and websites. Learn from those websites what kind of content is generated. Later, you can implement those ideas on your blog.

Register a Domain Name

Once you have chosen a niche, you need a name for your blog. In the Internet world, it is called a domain name.

A domain name is what people around the world would recognize as your blog. People will search your blog with a domain name so keep it short and easy to remember.

A domain name should be sensible with a meaning. To register a domain name, you need to first look for its availability.

A domain name with .com extension is preferable but you can choose other extensions if .com TLD isn’t available. Other domain extensions that you can choose could be .in, .net, .blog, etc.

I would recommend you all to register a domain at NameCheap. ChemiCloud is also the cheapest web hosting service provider with affordable plans and fast servers.

Let me show you the steps to register a domain at NameCheap.

Steps to register a domain at NameCheap:

  • Visit the official NameCheap website.


  • Under the Domains tab, click on Domain Name Search.
  • In the search box, enter the domain name and click on the Search button.
  • If the domain is available, you can proceed with Add To Cart.


  • You can additionally select domain privacy, SSL, Email, and Hosting at an extra cost. Or simply click on Checkout
  • NameCheap offers domain privacy for free.
  • At the checkout page, create a new NameCheap account. Enter the details and click on Create Account and Continue.
  • Choose the payment method from available payment options.
  • Finally, click on checkout. Check your email for login credentials and invoice.

Purchase a Web Hosting

Now that you have a domain, you need hosting to launch your WordPress blog. Cloudways is the best Managed cloud hosting platform. Since you are new to WordPress, Cloudways would be a perfect choice for you.

Steps to Purchase a Web Hosting:

  • Visit the official Cloudways website.


  • You can choose a preferred cloud provider. This includes DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, and Linode.
  • You can choose the Basic Standard plan starting at $10/month. The plan offers 1GB RAM, 1 Core processor, Storage 25 GB, and 1TB Bandwidth.


  • All the plans come with 24/7/365 support, free SSL, and more.
  • Click on the Start Free button. Sign up using Linkedin, Github, or Google. Alternatively, you can enter your personal information and start for free.
  • Once logged into the Cloudways dashboard, choose the cloud provider and RAM. Choose the server location nearest to you. You can start with 1GB RAM as it is sufficient for a WordPress blog.


  • The system will automatically deploy a server. This takes up to 7 minutes.


  • Once the server is ready, you can choose the application to be installed.

Install WordPress in Cloudways

Once your server is ready, you need to add the application on your server. Its pretty easy and quick. Supported applications in Cloudways include WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Laravel, and Magento.


Choose WordPress and add the application name. The best thing about Cloudways is that you can run multiple websites on a single server. Cloudways doesn’t charge you per website.

Since you are starting a new WordPress blog, you need to add your domain in Cloudways.


Go to the Domain Management section, and enter the domain. Click on Save changes. You can keep adding more domains.

Now you must point your domain to your Cloudways server. So, go to the Domain registrar, in our case, it is NameCheap.

Server Configuration

Point the nameservers of your domain to Cloudways. To know more about pointing your domain to Cloudways, read here.

Once your domain is pointed to Cloudways, you should install an SSL certificate on your site. But before that, you need to set up the domain for your site.

To do this, go to Application management > Domain Management, Type your domain name, and save it.

It will take a while to change the domain name of your WordPress blog. Once it is done, you can go ahead with the SSL configuration which is yet another essential step for your website’s security. This is pretty quick and can be done with one click.


Go to the SSL Certificate section. The system by default selects a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Enter your email address and domain name on which you want SSL to be installed. Click on Install certificate and you are good to go.

Just in case if you have purchased a custom SSL certificate from any other SSL provider, you can configure it by chosing custom certificate. (optional)

Login and Install WordPress Theme & Plugins

So now that you have launched your WordPress blog with an SSL certificate, it’s time to configure it. To make your WordPress blog more appealing, you should install a premium WordPress theme and required plugins.

I would recommend the GeneratePress theme & plugin as it is light-weight and SEO-friendly.

Login to your WordPress dashboard with the URL:

You can see the username and password inside the Cloudways dashboard.

Once logged in, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New


Search for the GeneratePress theme, Install and Activate it.

Now install the GeneratePress Premium plugin. You need to first purchase the plugin and then upload it to your WordPress site. I personally use Generatepress premium which is why I recommend you to use it on your site to make it look more professional. Along with that, there are many more features attached to the premium version.

To upload the GeneratePress Premium plugin, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin the plugin file from your computer. Click on Install and then Activate.


You can now start editing your WordPress blog and give it a stunning look. To design a landing page, you can choose Elementor Pro. The Elementor Pro comes with 50+ widgets to design a stunning landing page.

Write your first Blog Post

You have installed the theme and plugin. Time to write your first blog post.

To start with your first blog post, go to the Posts > Add New section inside your WordPress dashboard.


Click on Add New, and enter the post title and the description with some nice images. Choose the post category, add the featured image on the right-side, and hit Publish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you start a WordPress blog for free?

To start a WordPress blog, you need to purchase a domain name and a web hosting. So, starting a WordPress blog is not free but can be started at a minimal cost.

How To Make Money with a WordPress blog?

There are many monetizing methods to make money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is the best monetization strategy to make a lot of money. You can also run ads, or get sponsored posts.

Is WordPress the best place to start a blog?

Almost 40% of the websites run on WordPress. Since WordPress is an open-source platform, you get a lot of resources for free. You can get free themes and plugins to customize your site.

Which is better, Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger is a free blogging platform but with limited features. Whereas WordPress offers a whole lot of features and you own a WordPress blog.


At last, you got your WordPress blog up and running in a few minutes with Cloudways. I hope this guide to starting a WordPress blog was helpful and easy.

For any questions regarding a WordPress blog, ask me in the comments section. I am always ready to help everyone and reply within 48 hours.

Happy Blogging!



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