Best Survey Apps to Make Money Online in 2022

Your audience’s preferences, question kinds, logic branching, and aesthetics must all be considered. These factors are essential to creating surveys that provide access to relevant replies. Your ability to design an effective survey is only as good as your available resources.

Finding the right survey tool might be confusing since many survey apps are available. Particularly considering the overlap with form builder software, which often performs similar but not identical tasks.  Making money using survey apps is easy and works both ways. 

You can collect your customers’ opinions, use the feedback to improve your product and make more money. Or you can give your opinion and get paid for giving your opinion.

The good news is that there is a tool for you, whether doing product research, attempting to better your company, or finally determining if a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich. We evaluated many online survey applications to help you decide where to start.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Survey Apps (Survey Applications) is a “Get-Paid To” application that enables anybody to earn money online by taking premium Surveys.Β 

It lets you get paid for your thoughts on politics, fashion, the car business, consumer products, and much more! The basic concept of the app is to let you make money by giving your opinion on several market research surveys.

The most essential thing in this situation is your actual residential IP address, which is helpful for this application. You mainly need to fill up your details to be eligible for surveys.

Mostly, it depends on the location and your monthly household income to be eligible for more surveys.

The more surveys you do, the more you earn.

At the moment, the app can only be used on Windows computers and Android devices. So, you must have a Windows PC if you want to try this way to make money while you sleep.Β 

After you download the app from Google Play Store, you can quickly set up an account online to start taking surveys that pay well.

You can also participate in the bandwidth-sharing deal, which is different from surveys, which do not guarantee a certain number of responses. For every 1 GB of data you share, you can earn $0.20. sells your Internet traffic using IPRoyal residential proxy network, which provides residential proxy services. So, your internet bandwidth is helpful to businesses.

When you have $5 in your account, you can get your money. You can pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, virtual gift cards, and other ways.


Numerous things that Typeform performs effectively include having a sizable library of some of the most attractive themes we have come across and chatbot-style polls. 

Typeform does a great job of showing question branching, much like SurveyPlanet does, making it much simpler to see your reasoning.

A flow chart is automatically updated to represent the many pathways available whenever you add logic branches influencing how the user flows from one inquiry to another. The chart allows you to rapidly check that users aren’t encountering dead ends or becoming caught in loops by zooming in and out to see questions and their responses. 

Additionally, users of Typeform may quickly browse Unsplash, a database of royalty-free pictures, or a collection of icons to find the ideal graphics without ever leaving the platform. 

Moreover, it allows you to preview how these visual components will appear while you construct your survey in the same window, allowing you to experiment with where to position each picture in relation to each question. Even a mobile device rendering preview is available.

Cost of Typeform: Free for up to three surveys of ten questions each; from $29/month for an Essentials subscription that includes limitless typeforms and up to 100 replies

Survey Monkey

One of the best survey creation tools is available even on mobile devices with SurveyMonkey, one of the most well-known survey software brands. 

The program guides you through building your survey using a wizard and offers samples of how questions could be written in real-world situations, which can help you choose how to style your survey. 

This wizard is very potent when used in conjunction with the mobile app from SurveyMonkey. 

SurveyMonkey enables you to design, update, collect replies, and analyze findings on your smartphone or tablet, unlike other survey programs that allow you to collect responses on mobile. Anything you do on a mobile device will be synced with your desktop account and vice versa.

SurveyMonkey costs $25 per user per month for a Team Advantage subscription with unlimited surveys and questions; free for surveys with up to 10 questions.


QuestionPro goes above and above with question branching. In addition to providing fundamental survey logic, it also offers custom scripting, which gives you even more versatility if you learn a little about coding. If you want to undertake A/B testing or lessen survey bias, this might be useful. When respondents get weary of responding to questions as a survey progresses, for instance, responses to later items may be nastier than those to earlier ones. 

This phenomenon is known as survey fatigue. This kind of bias from a concentration on specific questions may be lessened by randomizing the sequence of survey questions. QuestionPro’s bespoke scripting could be out of your price range if you don’t work for a major firm. However, even for individuals, some rudimentary logic tools are available on the free tier, and even more sophisticated branching logic on the $85/month Advanced tier.

Price of QuestionPro: Free for unlimited surveys with a maximum of 1,000 replies; from $129/month for an Advanced plan with an infinite survey response limit.


Jotform, which means “jot forms,” specializes in forms, although 875 different survey templates are available on this site. But the sheer amount of widgets and add-ons offered impressed me the most. For instance, you may include an area where respondents can upload a picture or link to their social network accounts as they complete the survey. 

To help respondents understand where they are in the survey, you can even put a progress bar at the top of the form. Simply include a payment widget, and you’re ready to go. Jotform forms can accept payments, and the survey templates support this capability.

Price for Jotform: Free with 5 forms and 100 submissions per month; $39.99/month for the Bronze plan, which offers 25 forms and surveys and 1,000 submissions per month.


By only enabling you to design one-question surveys that respondents can complete with a single click, YesInsights pushes you to keep things simple. That’s accurate. Only one question may be included in a survey, allowing you to gather answers that are highly specific. The setup procedure is easy. You may decide whether you want to send your survey out or use a beta widget that shows it on your website. You can also pick between a conventional survey and an NPS survey. 

You may now begin to write your single-question survey. If you send your survey to respondents through email, you can either set up a prompted follow-up email or design a landing page that respondents view after clicking their response. When you’re ready to send out your survey, choose one of the more than 35 email providers available, and YesInsights will provide the plain text and HTML for you to copy and paste into your email client.

Price for a Solo plan with 5 surveys and 1,000 replies with YesInsights: $20 per month.


By contacting them through Facebook Messenger or Facebook Workplace, Surveybot enables you to disseminate your surveys to an existing Facebook audience. You may either register for Surveybot using Facebook Messenger or Facebook Workplace or manually establish an account and link your Facebook account afterward. 

Creating the survey is simple; just drag and drop question types into the editor after customizing the welcome and thank-you remarks. A live preview of your survey will show as you write your questions. You may choose a specific rationale, such as stopping the survey if a respondent provides an incorrect response or setting reminders if respondents haven’t finished the survey after a defined period.

Price of Surveybot: Free for the first 50 replies to a survey; beyond that, it is pay-as-you-go with a starting charge of $3 for 50 responses and scaling up with additional responses.


One of the few services we discovered that not only provided chatbot-style surveys but also provided them on the free tier is SurveySparrow. You may choose from a few templates when constructing a survey and see how they would go in a simulated conversation. 

With this method, you may create less formal surveys and be more likely to elicit responses from your target population. Even better, while having a chatbot-like design, the polls are more robust than Facebook Messenger. In addition to open-ended text replies, you may design your buttons, scales, or multiple-choice questions. Although you’ll have to distribute the survey yourself through links, QR codes, or embeds on your website, this provides it more freedom than Surveybot.

Price for SurveySparrow: $19/month for Basic with 1,000 replies each month and unlimited questions; free for 3 surveys with 10 questions each and 100 responses each.

SoGo Survey

A sizable question bank with pre-made template questions is available on SoGo. You may mix and match these questions to create the detailed survey you need, unlike other providers that just provide templates for the survey. More than 200 questions focused on business-related topics, including employee happiness, pay, and work-life balance. 

Additionally, you may compile your original questions into a private question bank. The program will also suggest answers as you enter questions, letting you quickly choose those pre-written solutions rather than typing them out yourself. This feature saved me a tonne of time and work. When it’s time to disseminate your survey, you may make single-use links that only allow one response per person or multi-use links that allow several replies per click. You may optionally add a password to prevent survey submissions from outside your company.

Price for SoGoSurvey: Free for unlimited surveys with 100 replies to each survey (and 200 responses overall) per year; Individual plan with basic skip logic, Excel data export, and custom logos starts at $25 per month.


HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM that enables users to design surveys and sync them with their complete customer information. The HubSpot form builder, a drag-and-drop builder to construct standalone, pop-up, embedded, and other web forms and surveys to gather and save contact information and client feedback, is accessible to users as part of their free marketing tools. Y

ou may start creating custom forms for forms, or you can start with a template. You can access forms, email, prospect monitoring, live customer support chat, and even a meeting organizer using HubSpot’s free CRM features. You may access a variety of company operating tools with HubSpot in addition to forms.


Everyone is trying to be unique, and no one is unique anymore. It’s getting tougher and more challenging to stay in the customer’s mind. Be sure that you are not just thinking about what the customer needs now… because there is a high chance that it has already fled the customer’s mind. Prepare and embrace technologies that are meant for tomorrow. Choose the right online survey tool that works the best for you, and start rolling out online surveys now.



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