UpCloud Review 2023: Best Cloud Infrastructure for SMBs



  • Flexible pricing
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Scalable solutions
  • No commitment or contracts
  • Good customer support


  • When servers are attacked, site slows down a bit.

UpCloud is a flexible and powerful cloud hosting solutions provider. Digital agencies, eCommerce brands, and Individuals can run any kind of website on UpCloud servers. There are no long-term commitments, and you can pay either hourly or monthly.

Deploying and managing a website can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the technology.Β Not only is it difficult to find a good hosting service, but it’s also challenging to configure and manage your website on your own server.

In this UpCloud review, you will learn why UpCloud is the perfect solution for businesses that want to focus on their core competencies rather than worrying about deploying and managing their website.

UpCloud Hosting Review: Introduction

upcloud review homepage

UpCloud enables simple server deployment, team management, server upgrades, automatic backups, firewall installation, and a 100% uptime SLA.Β UpCloud, a cloud service provider based in Finland, offers hosting services for as little as $5 per month.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial that your website loads quickly on devices with slower Internet connections.

In addition to selecting a fast hosting service, it is essential for webmasters to deploy their websites on the servers closest to the locations from which the majority of their visitors originate.

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UpCloud Hosting Features

Secure and Reliable

With UpCloud, you can host your website in a secure manner and limit traffic by IP address and port with a firewall. Upcloud provides reliable and simple backup options.

100% Uptime

For any project, uptime is essential. You can monitor the uptime with a tool like Screpy. For any downtime over five minutes, UpCloud offers a 50x payback.

24/7 Customer Support

It is very important to determine the strength of a hosting company by its customer support. UpCloud is one of the companies that respond quickly to your queries. They have excellent customer support. The website offers live chat as well. 

So, when you submit a question, a support agent is immediately assigned to the chat to assist you. UpCloud provides customer service via live chat through intercom.

Highly Scalable

When they have a scalable plan, the majority of website owners transfer from shared hosting or low-potential hosting to cloud VPS hosting. UpCloud is a blessing for all of the enthusiasts.

Their cloud infrastructure guarantees optimal performance and availability. In terms of scalability, UpCloud is one of the top hosting solutions available.

Flexible Hosting

UpCloud is unquestionably a flexible hosting service. You can resize your server at any time, which includes downgrading and upgrading your current server.

To resize an existing server, you must first shut it down, a process that takes only two to three minutes and differs from deletion.

Choose between the conventional resizing plans or the flexible plan option, where you may manually select the CPU, Memory, RAM, and Storage.

Cost-Effective Hosting Solution

UpCloud bills its clients on an hourly basis for server usage. As a result, they have unlimited freedom to resize the server or test a new server without incurring prohibitive costs.

2-months free migration period

With UpCloud, there are no additional expenses associated with migrating from another cloud service provider. During the two-month free migration period, UpCloud does not charge you any service fees. However, this deal is only available to organizations whose monthly infrastructure expenditures on UpCloud exceed $500.

Designed for the developers

With UpCloud, the control panel and API that enable more reliable coding are simple to use.

Upcloud Designed for Developers

Performance with MaxIOPS

The MaxIOPS block storage system surpasses the competition and does not limit performance based on price. It is vastly superior to SSD storage. It provides superior performance and dependability. With cloud computing, you can construct a server in under a minute.

You can also migrate a MaxIOPS block storage device to a different cloud server using MaxIOPS. Even more so, you can tailor the quantity of storage space you require.

UpCloud Object Storage

The hosting platform also provides Object Storage that is simple to deploy and administer. It can be used to deliver content globally. For $20 per month, UpCloud Object storage provides up to 1 TB of storage and 2 TB of transfer.

Upcloud Object Storage

UpCloud UI/Interface

The website of UpCloud offers a modern interface that is intuitive and quick to navigate. Once you access your dashboard, everything becomes readily apparent.

Every time a powerful term is used, there is a link to a knowledge base where you may get a wealth of information on it. Any new user may deploy a new server, resize it, set automated backups, and add team members with ease.

UpCloud Backups

You can create backups with UpCloud by paying additional server expenses. These automated backups can be purchased both at the time of initial server setup and at any time thereafter. There are three possible backup plans: the Week Plan, the Month Plan, and the Year Plan.

Week PlanMonth PlanYear Plan
7 days of daily backupsBackups every day for 7 daysBackups every day for 7 days
There is no weekly backupFour-weekly backupsFour-weekly backups
There is no monthly backupMonthly backups are not availableBackups every month for a year
The price on top of the plan is 20%The price on top of the plan is 40%Adding 60% to the plan price
$5 for $1 per month Plan pricing varies with server selection (price varies per month)$2 a month for $5Monthly server plan (price varies based on server selected)$5 per month for $3(Price varies depending on the server selected)

UpCloud Advanced Firewall

UpCloud provides a sophisticated firewall that restricts server traffic. It provides superior protection against numerous hacking attempts. To use a firewall, you must add rules for incoming and outgoing traffic. Similar to automated backups, a Firewall adds to the standard server cost. The firewall operates based on the first rule match from top to bottom.

Server Tags

UpCloud enables the management of servers. You can therefore assign a tag to any of your existing servers. With the use of these tags, you may organize your various projects and utilize them to assign access to members of your workspace.

Add Team Members

Add Members in Upcloud Workspace

UpCloud, like Linode, DigitalOcean, and numerous other hosting services, allows you to add trusted individuals to whom you can grant various access. You have the option of granting them access to all or only a subset of servers, private networks, storage, and tags.

Server Statistics

Upcloud Statistic Report for Server

In the server overview dashboard, you can view the server’s statistics. Graphs are displayed for the last 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year.

An overview of how to deploy a new UpCloud server

UpCloud makes it easy to deploy a new server. Let me show you how

create an account upcloud
  1. Create an account or sign in
  2. Once you have finished making your account after inputting your appropriate billing information you will be required to at least add $10 to get the promotion credits.
  3. You can also be requested to authenticate your details via email so keep a monitor on your email id. (Note: Some users allege that their server is halted without their knowledge and they also provide nasty evaluations on the web forums for the same. But this generally happens because they miss a key email from UpCloud that is often issued to authenticate your information).

UpCloud Servers – How to resize them?

Once the server has been deployed and you choose to upgrade or downgrade your existing server, you can resize it. To resize your server, you must first navigate to your UpCloud Dashboard and click on the server you wish to modify.

upcloud server management

On the overview tab, you will discover the Configuration section, which contains the server’s specifications. Below it is a resize button for modifying the server configuration.

upcloud bubble sites

Once you click that button, the window shown below will appear. Before you may resize your server, you must first shut it down. After your server has been shut down, the resize section featuring multiple plans will become active, allowing you to select the desired plan.

upcloud resize

Under a flexible plan, a new server can also be customized.

upcloud flexible plan

It will take a few of minutes to resize. You will receive a message and an email informing you of the new server upgrade/downgrade status. This is how you may quickly and easily resize your existing UpCloud server in a matter of minutes.

UpCloud Pricing

The simple pricing plans of UpCloud hosting are listed below:

CPUMemory / RAMStorageTransferPricing
11 GB25 GB1 TB$5 /mo
12 GB50 GB2 TB$10 /mo
24 GB80 GB4 TB$20 /mo
48 GB160 GB5 TB$40 /mo
616 GB320 GB6 TB$80 /mo
832 GB640 GB7 TB$160 /mo
1248 GB960 GB9TB$240 /mo
1664 GB1280 GB10 TB$320 /mo
2096 GB1920 GB12 TB$480 /mo
20128 GB2048 GB24 TB$640 /mo

UpCloud Alternatives and Competitors 2023


Contabo is a German Cloud hosting service provider. The hosting service offers both SSD and NVMe drives to power your website with lightning speed.


LiquidWeb offers various hosting services including Dedicated, Cloud, VPS, and eCommerce. The servers are optimized for high performance monitored by smart humans. The pricing is simple with no per VM fees.


Vultr is a cheap alternative to UpCloud. The pricing starts at $2.50 per month with 0.5 GB RAM and 0.5 TB bandwidth. You get 10 GB of storage space which is quite sufficient for a small website with less traffic requirement.

UpCloud Pros and Cons


  • Affordable pricing
  • No upfront cost or long-term commitments.
  • 100% uptime SLA.
  • 2x faster performance.
  • Intuitive control panel.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • DDoS attack on UpCloud servers slows down website.

Is UpCloud safe?

UpCloud offers a fast and reliable cloud hosting platform. The platform is GDPR compliant ensuring all of its customers data is safe and secure.

Is UpCloud expensive?

Not at all! UpCloud plans start at only $5/month. You can choose to pay hourly or monthly and scale your plans at any time you want. UpCloud’s flexible pricing lets you upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime.

Is UpCloud better than DigitalOcean?

I am using UpCloud for my affiliate sites and have never faced any downtime. The price is comparative to DigitalOcean along with dedicated support.


UpCloud is without a doubt one of the quickest and most dependable hosting service providers available today. With cutting-edge technology and cloud-based infrastructure, it is able to meet the performance-focused needs of its consumers. 

UpCloud enables the rapid deployment of servers, the resizing of those servers at any moment, automatic backups, the installation of a firewall, and the management of workspace members, all with an intuitive interface.

With ready-to-scale and highly flexible services, UpCloud allows you to control your costs at the time of staging and change them on the fly. In conclusion, you can focus more intently on your projects.

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