WriterZen Review 2022 – Most Affordable Keyword Research Tool

The trending business in this digital age is content creation. Engaging your audience with content is one thing, but creating content is another. Your content can be ranked higher in search engines using many SEO tools.

But you can’t guarantee that every tool is authentic, can you? Therefore, selecting a suitable tool to boost your content’s ranking is essential. Here, we will look at one such tool that has already gained a large following from its users in very little time.

Known for its easy interface and valuable tools such as keyword research, plagiarism detection, and topic discovery, WriterZen is an AI-based SEO tool. You can create content that ranks with WriterZen and that’s why I have explained in this Writerzen review.

It is a perfect alternative to Surfer SEO.

Keyword Explorer
Topic Discovery
Keywords List
Content Creator


  • You get a huge list of topics and keywords to write new content
  • Optimize your existing content and outrank competitors
  • Enough limits and value for your money


  • Lacks competitive intelligence

Writerzen allows you to research keywords, explore topics, compare the competition, and rank for highly competitive keywords.

Price:$ 27

You can establish your content strategy and generate unique content that will drive sales and increase engagement on your website. Southeast Asia’s favorite writing app, WriterZen, is now available worldwide.

I’ll explain everything about WriterZen below, including its pros, cons, and unique features and a tutorial on using it.

If you want to know whether WriterZen will benefit you or not, keep reading this WriterZen review.

What is Writerzen?

writerzen homepage review

Content creators can use Writerzen to write SEO-optimized content. Your business will grow if you automate the generation of high-quality, original content in your niche.

Writerzen allows you to research keywords, explore topics, compare the competition, and rank for highly competitive keywords. Your content will be SEO optimized with Writerzen. Using AI and machine learning can produce better content faster with less effort.

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You won’t need a content writer again if you have writer’s block. Take advantage of Writerzen’s unfair advantages to grow your business by joining thousands of happy copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

According to WriterZen, writing refers to more than just putting words on paper; it also requires good research. Using WriterZen, you will start by doing your research, then write – and both of these processes (writing and research) will be simplified.

Features Highlight: Writerzen Review

Keyword Explorer

You can research the keywords you want to rank for using the keyword explorer tool in Writerzen. Once you choose the keyword, the location, and the language, you’re ready to begin exploring keywords. To get more detailed insights and clusters, you must enable “Check Allintitle” and “Clustering Keywords.”.

Keyword Explorer Writerzen

As soon as you click on the search button, it displays the search volume for that keyword and the SERP overview, Keywords Ideas, CPC, and Overview Chat.

Writerzen Keyword Research Tool

The data beneath that provides valuable insights, clusters, and keyword data. You can filter the keyword data to get the most accurate results. Filter keywords based on volume, cost per click, word counts, inclusion or exclusion of terms, etc. Once you have selected the keywords, you can create a list. You will then see a list of keyword clusters.

Writerzen Keyword Explorer Review

You can quickly move on to creating SEO-optimized content using this keyword data.

Topic Discovery

Writerzen Topic Discovery Tutorial Review

You can find many headlines in different clusters. Select the most relevant headline. The tool also provides Google suggestions for questions, prepositions, and comparisons. You decide what to use.

The topic you choose should be relevant to your audience and have a high search volume.

Keywords List

Keywords List in Writerzen

Writerzen’s keyword list is a valuable feature. By grouping a few of your desired keywords, you can add them to your existing or new keyword list. In your profile, you can manage your keyword list. Adding or deleting keywords is easy.

Content Creator

Outline to use in Content Creator Writerzen

Writerzen’s content creator wizard is one of its best features. Writerzen’s content creator tool assists you in creating an outline of your content as the first step in content creation.

As the first step, “outline to use” allows you to see the competitors’ content and choose which outline to use for your own.

In step 3 of the content writing process, you can easily paste/use the outline you added by hovering over the outline and clicking next.

Outline to use in Writerzen

You can find Google-suggested insights under the outlines from competitors.

Once you have your outlines ready, you can select the keywords you want to use in the content.

You can find the competitor’s keywords and opportunities here. Please click on the keywords you wish to include based on volume, usage, and relevancy. Later, you will be able to add these keywords to your content writing wizard so that you can create content based on the keywords you have chosen.

Keywords to Include Writerzen review

Once you have selected your keywords, you can begin writing the content and move to step 3.

Writerzen Content Writing Review

In the previous step, you generated a content wizard; here, you have the option to copy the outline to your content wizard.

In addition to seeing the keywords you chose, you can also see a plagiarism report. Your content is presented with the most relevant and recommended paragraphs, words, headings, and images by Writerzen. Initially red, your parameters will start turning green as you write.

It is also possible to create a note and a share link. This tool has a beautiful UI. This tool’s valuable features will make you crazy, so you’ll love writing on it.

Writerzen Pricing

writerzen pricing detailed

There is a 7-day free trial available for Writerzen. You can purchase the Writerzen plan for $29 on their main website; the Advanced plan will cost you $69/month.

You can grab the chance and buy a WriterZen license from Appsumo for a lifetime deal instead of a monthly or yearly subscription.


🏆 Who Can Use WriterZen?

The writers at WritersZen are passionate about writing. They are talented, professional, and well-educated in their field of expertise. Because there are so many other writing sites, the focus is on quality rather than quantity. This model is the most effective in producing quality content that engages readers and establishes credibility.

  •  By building knowledge and skills related to writing, marketing, and using tools like Grammarly, marketers can create content that makes an impact.
  • WriterZen allows programmers to become technical writers, enabling them to work as consultants and increasing their earnings. Their customer service skills can also be improved, working with clients more effectively.
  • Using WriterZen’s writing lessons, writers can become more concise, compelling, and dedicated as they improve their skills. As copywriters, project managers, or consultants specializing in communication skills, they can further develop their careers.
  • By using WriterZen, consultants can develop their existing communication skills and build a portfolio of writing samples they can present to potential clients to convince them that they are the right fit for the job.

WriterZen’s Customer Service

WriterZen provides excellent customer service. Users are also assisted thoroughly in the best way possible by the support team in addition to communicating with them and responding to inquiries promptly. Experts provide detailed solutions for each problem.

Pros & Cons

Pros of WriterZen

  • WriterZen offers money-back guarantees on all its plans.
  • Companies can choose flexible pricing options.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Writerzem will not impose a hidden fee or obligation on you.
  • Its many features are keyword exploration, topic discovery, content creation, plagiarism detection, etc.

Cons of WriterZen

  • Content creators have plenty of room to improve. You can use it to find relevant keywords, but other platforms have significantly better accuracy.
  • Additionally, you cannot compare your keywords and content with other websites. Competitive intelligence is a critical feature for any SEO content writer.
  • In WriterZen, you won’t be able to add backlinks. Professional bloggers often add backlinks. It is not necessary to worry about this if you are a beginner.

My Verdict – Writerzen Review

Hopefully, you got a sense of what WriterZen can do for you. Beginners will find it easy to use. KGR ratio, Allintitle, and Keyword Clusters are included at a reasonable price.

WriterZen is a good choice if this is the first platform you use for creating content. A plagiarism checker is also there within the platform. However, this platform still lacks several essential features. You can make the most of this platform if you are a beginner in content creation.

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