3 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools In 2023 for YouTube SEO

Have you ever wondered what your YouTube video ranking is?

Do you want to track the position of your YouTube videos for a particular keyword?

It is enough to use a good YouTube rank checker tool if your answer is yes. Here are some of the best and most reliable YouTube rank checker tools that you can use to check your video’s position.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best YouTube rank checker tools in 2022.

Summary: The Best YouTube Ranker Checker Tool

With the growing number of YouTuber’s, its important to keep a track of your YouTube channel. Just like you track the performance of a blog, you can track the performance of your YouTube channel too.

There are many free SEO tools to check the ranking of a keyword and the site URL. Similarly, you can find free and paid YouTube rank checker tools. The list of best YouTube rank checker tools has been shared in this post.

List of Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools 2022

#1. AccuRanker

accuranker homepage

AccuRanker is a popular tool for tracking YouTube channel rankings. Video rank tracking allows you to track your position on YouTube, Google, and Bing. The interface is beginner-friendly.

You can track your YouTube ranking with AccuRanker by simply creating an account (There is a free trial available), and adding your YouTube channel.

This step requires the URL (ID) of your YouTube channel. Find the ID of your YouTube channel on the next page.

On the next page, add the keywords that you want to track. AccuRanker provides you with the option of finding out what keywords are driving traffic to your YouTube channel with Studio.youtube.com.

Adding keywords will take some time for AccuRanker to determine the exact ranking of your existing YouTube videos.

Henceforth, you will be able to see the YouTube rank of any tracked keyword at any time, and compare features will let you know if your ranking is moving up or down.

#2. TubeBuddy

tubebuddy rank tracker

TubeBuddy is the most important tool for every YouTuber. TubeBuddy should be included on any list of the best YouTube video keyword trackers.

The TubeBuddy Keyword tracking tool can be accessed by using the TubeBuddy Chrome extension that is available on their site. Or you can also search their website for this.

Log in to TubeBuddy dashboard and select Search rank tracking > Keyword to track, and add the list of keywords you wish to track. 

If you’ve added your video keywords and clicked on “Ranking reports”, you’ll be able to see how your videos rank.

You can also view a list of videos that are outranking you, which is extremely useful.

As one of the best YouTube keyword rank checker tools, it allows users to see the ranking of videos on YouTube and Google search as well.

Getting started with TubeBuddy is as easy as installing their chrome extension.

Furthermore, TubeBuddy offers a report scheduling feature, which automatically emails you the video ranking report every week or month (as you choose).

For $49 a month, you get access to the rank checker feature, which lets you track 50 keywords on YouTube and Google. For enterprise subscribers, unlimited keywords are tracked.

You would, however, be able to use TubeBuddy’s YouTube tag rank checker for free with any plan.

#3. YTRank

ytrank homepage

You can always try the free YouTube rank checker YTRank. Its a free online YouTube rank tracking tool that helps you track your channel performance by inserting the link and the keyword.

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Factors That Affect The YouTube Rank

#1. User Engagement

If you want to improve your YouTube ranking, you need to focus on user engagement. Both videos that draw users to YouTube and those that keep them watching are appreciated by YouTube.

YouTube’s ranking factors include the user’s time spent watching, session watch time (what happens after they watch the video), likes, dislikes, subscribers, and comments.

#2. Optimize keywords in description, tags and transcript

If you optimize what you send, you can improve your video ranking on YouTube. Three factors contribute to this. Don’t forget to include your keywords in all of them and keep in mind that long-tail keyword phrases are more specific and can help improve your ranking.

#3. Add a transcript to video description

Your transcript should be displayed on YouTube as part of the video description. Video length is 10 minutes. Additionally, it would be helpful to have the transcript translated.

#4. Use your Target Keyword in your video title

Your title needs to contain the keyword you’re targeting. As a result, you send YouTube a powerful signal, telling it to rank for the keyword in question. Using YouTube’s suggestions, you can determine the best keywords. If you perform some searches, you will get a lot of results.

Why Do you need A YouTube Rank Checker Tool?

In order to build a brand, video marketing is becoming increasingly important. The 2nd largest number of yearly searches go to YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform.

YouTube displays video results for a certain keyword, in a particular location and language, just as other search engines do.

A ranking better on YouTube also grants visibility on Google, because Google has a dedicated SERP for videos.

Anyway, YouTube has over 1 billion monthly active users, and if your video content and strategy are good enough, some of them may become qualified leads.

A rank tracking tool is essential for SEOs who are responsible for the organic traffic on a website. SEOs can utilize both organic and ranking strategies to increase both rankings and organic traffic when they have an understanding of how a website ranks and how its rankings have changed over time.

Numerous ranking opportunities can be discovered by rank trackers. When a web page ranks on page two of the SERPs for a particular search term, the SEO can optimize the content so it appears higher on page one of the SERPs.

Additionally, pages that rank at the top of Google tend to rank for other related keywords as well.

Many times, the page ranks also for non-content-related keywords. Generally, the content does not appear on page one or two for these keywords when this happens.

The SEO can create new content for those pages and then link to the new content from the first page since these keywords are not directly related to the content.

SEO and digital marketing agencies can present clients with progress reports based on rank tracking data. SEO activities can be illustrated through rankings.

This data can then be correlated with sales data to demonstrate how SEO leads to more sales or leads.

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For an agency, AccuRanker is the most cost-effective solution. TubeBuddy is useful for video bloggers wishing to track only a limited number of videos keywords.

Check your video’s position on YouTube in real-time with these YouTube rank checker tools. You can view the ranking by country and device. Watch your videos and playlist’s position at any time. 

Comment below if you know of any other YouTube search rank tracker tools.

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