11 Best Free Web Hosting Control Panels 2023 – Open Source

Whether you are a blogger, or an agency, you need a web hosting control panel to manage your servers. Being a system admin for years, I have tested some of the best free web hosting control panels.

Sharing with you the list of open source web hosting control panels to help you manage your servers and clients.

Control panels are for those who have no technical expertise to install applications on a raw server. With a control panel, you can easily install apps like WordPress, etc. in a few clicks.

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  • Litespeed/Openlitespeed add-on available

Bottom Line Upfront – Free hosting control panels?

A free hosting control panel is a software that lets you manage and set up the features of your current web hosting account. It provides for administrative access to your files, databases, and sites. You can also create domain names and e-mail accounts through the control panel’s interface.

The perfect example of a hosting control panel is cPanel which is known by almost everyone. However, cPanel is neither a free software nor an open source project. Buying a web hosting control panel subscription for an entry-level server is not a great idea.

That’s why, here is a list of open source projects to manage your web hosting server resources such as databases, applications, services and processes.

cyberpanel main dashboard

CyberPanel is my favorite of all the control panels available on the internet. It is free, easy to use and very-well documented as well. Though, there are some features missing. But, it is a great for webmasters, bloggers and marketers who want to setup a blog or website quickly and launch it.

Why Do You Need A Control Panel?

  • Managing multiple websites is a hectic task. With a Control panel, you can manage any number of websites
  • Keep a check on website performance and analyze the issues. Limit the number of resources for each website so the server runs smoothly
  • Easily install third-party applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Laravel, etc
  • Secure websites with SSL installation. Access file manager and database for each website from within the panel
  • Free web hosting control panels save your money and you can get hands-on before you go for a pro plan
  • Since cPanel is expensive, you can choose free & paid cPanel alternatives
  • You may get into a mess if you manage web hosting through command line everytime
  • It gets troublesome at times to configure multiple sites on a single virtual server

List of 10+ Best Free Web Hosting Control Panels

1. CyberPanel

cyberpanel best free web hosting control panel

CyberPanel is an open-source web hosting control panel and my top pick amongst others. The free Linux control panel comes with LiteSpeed Cache and one-click WordPress installs.

The CyberPanel cloud allows easy deployment of WordPress sites along with updates and staging.

The most powerful cache plugin for WordPress LSCache is pre-configured. When you install WordPress, LSCache is auto-installed.

Just like one-click WordPress install, even SSL could be activated at one-click.

2. ISPConfig

ispconfig free open source control panel

ISPConfig is a browser based open source control panel. It is stable, transparent, fast, and secure. It offers enterprise support and you can connect with others in the community forum.

You can manage multiple servers from a single dashboard. Whether it’s a physical server or a virtual machine, you can manage both.

If you want to manage your servers in other than English, then you can get it translated to over 20 languages.

Other technology support includes Apache, Nginx, MariaDB, MySQL, and more.

The ISPConfig 3.1 billing module is an add-on that could be integrated to add invoicing features. With the add-on, you can use the invoice editor to create professional invoices. You can save these invoices as PDF and send them on email.

To help you save time on creating an invoice, there are pre-made invoice templates. Use the templates to create PDF invoices and send them on the go. With the payment reminder settings, you will never lose your payments.

3. Ajenti

ajenti admin panel

Ajenti is a free open source control panel to manage your server. It is a lightweight admin panel that you need to install once and forget about downloading Putty again.

You can access your servers using Ajentiโ€™s responsive remote terminal from anywhere. It is a fast and secure way to manage your files in the best way you want.

The panel includes lots of plugins for server configuration and management. Your existing system remains as it is unless you modify it on your own. Using feature-rich API, you can develop the plugin easily and is extensible using Python.

4. CentOS

centos control panel to manage virtual cloud servers

CWS or CentOS free and Pro web hosting control panel is one of the leading control panels. It gives you flexibility to manage your clients and servers with complete security using the CWP secure kernel.

CWS is a free, modern, secure, and customizable control panel for handling VPS. It is created by the system admins for the system admins to manage their hosting and clients.

5. Virtualmin

virtualmin open source web hosting control panel

Virtualmin is another fantastic open source web hosting control panel with over 150,000 users worldwide. Itโ€™s easy to set up and fast to operate, so it gives a tough competition to other control panels.

For Linux and BSD systems, it is a flexible free control panel. But you can always choose the premium support at no extra cost to you.

The Virtualmin open source control panel is built on Webmin which is a popular Linux/ Unix system management UI.

6. Webmin

webmin unix interface

Webmin is a system administration interface for Unix that works seamlessly with any modern browser. With Webmin user-friendly interface, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing & more.

There is no need to manually edit the Unix configuration files as you can do it remotely or from the console.

7. Sentora

sentora open source hosting control panel

Sentora is a simplified open source web hosting control panel that allows you to manage web hosting effortlessly. You can find free as well as premium support services for personal and commercial use.

You can find add-ons to install themes and modules with a central repository. It is licensed under GPLv3 making it free, cost-effective, and an extendable platform.

The ZPanel team members maintain the Sentora control panel. The control panel is run by donations, so when you download, make sure you donate.

8. VestaCP

vesta control panel

If I am not wrong, VestaCP is the only free web hosting control panel offering Softaculous app installer. With VestaCP open source control panelโ€™s Softaculous, you can install more than 439 apps at one-click.

If you want to run a WordPress site on a VPS, then you can install WordPress at one-click. Sites that are powered by Vesta load faster and are faster with keyboard shortcuts.

Security is a big concern but with Vestaโ€™s in-built firewall, you need not worry about it.

9. ZPanel

zpanel open source control panel

ZPanel is an open source control panel developed by community users. The team members have developed modules and themes for ZPanel.

Whether it is Microsoftยฎ Windowsโ„ข or POSIX (Linux, UNIX and MacOSX) based servers, ZPanel is completely free to use.

There is a large community of helpful users to get technical help. Since it is a community driven project, it needs donations. So, when downloading ZPanel, you can donate for domain renewals and more services.

10. Froxlor

floxlor server management panel

An open source and light-weight server management panel like Froxlor helps you manage servers effortlessly.

You can choose between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ports. SSLs can be installed on specific ports.

Choose between different PHP configurations. As a control panel reseller, you can manage and limit the resources for your customers.

The API integration helps you access all the features and control over your hosting. Not to forget the free Letโ€™s Encrypt SSL inside the Froxlor control panel.

11. aaPanel

aapanel simple free control panel

One of the most simple yet powerful control panels free to use is aaPanel. You can manage the server through a web-based GUI and quickly deploy Apache, Nginx, or Open LiteSpeed.

Your time is saved in deploying web apps as the control panel provides one-click install LNMP/LAMP.

Keep your server space free by installing the extensions that you need instead of flooding it. With real-time monitoring, you can identify the server load capacity. Thereโ€™s a free security extension of system firewall, Nginx WAF, and anti-spam gateway.

At one-click, you can install WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, or Roundcube.

FAQs on Free Web Hosting Control Panels

What is the best open source web hosting control panel?

My favorite and most used open source web hosting control panel is CyberPanel. I use it to host my websites with VPS. It is easy and helps manage sites effortlessly.

What is the best web control panel?

Although cPanel is considered as the best web control panel, it isnโ€™t free. To help you pick a free control panel, I have listed some of the best free and open source web hosting control panels.

Do I need a hosting control panel?

A web hosting control panel is needed only when you choose an Unmanaged VPS. When you choose a Managed VPS, or Cloud hosting, it comes with an in-built control panel.

What is the best alternative to cPanel?

The best alternative to cPanel is Plesk and is chosen by most of the web hosting companies. But when it comes to free web hosting control panels, then nothing beats CyberPanel.


The free web hosting control panels list shared here consists of powerful control panels. Donโ€™t think that since these are free, you would have to compromise on the features.

If you look at CyberPanel, it is one of the best free web hosting control panels with one-click SSL and WordPress + LSCache.

Pick up one of the open source control panels and host your site on VPS effortlessly.

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